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What is the correct balance or "sweet spot" for exercise?
What is too much, and what is too little?

The Hormetic Effect Of Exercise; Uncensored Podcast

The Hormetic Effect Of Exercise What is “sweet spot” for the amount of stress or dosing workouts? What are the various effects of exercise? What about too little or two much exercise? What happens when you do the right amount of exercise? What about exercise performance? What are the side effects? What about health ramefications of exercise? What is the concept of working out for being healthy and look good? What is the right balance for exercise and nutrition? How does exercise effect your digestion?   Listen to what John and Brad have to say about The Hormetic Effect of Exercise:   IMMERSION Clients May Login and Download Podcast Here (If you are using Adonis Index Mobile, go to the left menu -> My products -> right menu -> Uncensored Season 3 -> enjoy, you can assign star to add it into Favorites for easier access next time, if you don’t have access to Uncensored Podcasts you can purchase Immersion Package inside the App Shop) Not an Adonis Index IMMERSION client? Click here to find out more... and hear a weird story too … [Read More...]

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Adonis Golden Ratio System

Three things you should be aware of - consistency, structure, variety.
You will find all three key aspects incorporated in the Adonis Golden Ratio System. For example consistency is taken care for you by specifically planed workout days for each week. And you won’t just get three workout days to cycle over and over week after week. Workouts have to be fun, which is why every workout session is unique and includes different variety of exercises.You can add cardio to boost fat burning, you can add specializations to boost muscle growth and all while working towards your goal.
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Discover the Secrets Most Men Will Never Know About

Learn the truth about the supplement industry, get educated on some basics so you can understand research interpretations. Prevent yourself from being manipulated into buying something you don’t need or want just because some journalist or marketer misused a new research finding, become able to find the flaws within their interpretation without having to go through a bachelor’s degree college course on nutrition or exercise physiology. Gain a clearer understanding on how your body builds muscle and burns fat. [Learn More...]
No Train No Gain!

No Training = No Muscle: Coaches’ Corner w/ Jason Haynes

Today's post is our latest installment of a new series called the "Coaches Corner."  Our Adonis Transformation Coaches will share their … [Read More...]

If you're looking to lose weight, increase your physical activity, or simply improve your overall health, a personal activity tracker can help you reach your goal.

What about Wearable Fitness Technology? Uncensored Podcast

What is biofeedback? How does biofeedback relate to wearable fitness technology? What about biofeedback that you feel VS data? How can … [Read More...]

Stuart Barton - AT13 - 1st Place - Transformation Image

You’re Fit For A Reason: Interview w/ AT-13 Winner Stuart Barton

Here's your latest interview with one of the winners from the 13th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.   Scroll down to read  how the … [Read More...]