How an Adonis Index Workout is Designed

At a glance, most workouts look very similar, with a bunch of numbers and words on a page. But if you take a closer look, there is much more than meets the eye to a well designed workout.

Some of the elements that should be in a well designed workout program include:

-Macro, meso, and micro-cycled periodized intensity volume and frequency.

-Balance stimulus throughout all major muscle groups.

-Progressive overload.

-Periodic overreaching to overcome plateaus in strength.

-Combination of strength, hypertrophy and strength endurance training.

-Specific rest intervals and exercise ogranization.

There are other components, but these are some of the major ones and in today’s podcast, we’ll explain how and why we put them into the Adonis Index Workouts.


p.s. This discussion not only applies to the core Adonis Index Workout, but all of the other workouts in the AI curriculum as well.

About John Barban

John is the co-founder of Adonis Index, chief developer of the Adonis Index workouts and our supplement industry insider.

He will show you exactly how to work out and (not) eat to build your ideal body shape using simple and easy to follow Adonis Index approach.

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