Deconstructing Media – How To Read Between the Diet & Fitness Lines

Diet and fitness information can be found in print, television, online, from health care practitioners, and just about everywhere else. It seems that everyone has an opinion on what to do for ‘fitness’ and ‘health’. So how do you know who to listen to and who to ignore?

The words tell a difference story when you know whats going on behind the scenes

Is it as simple as picking one group of people and following everything they say? Or is it more prudent to pick and choose from various camps and philosophies and piece together your own unique system?

How do you even know where to start? Do you need to go back to school for a degree in physiology? That sounds a bit drastic. It makes more sense to just follow the advice of a professional who has already done this work. But just like any profession, some health care practitioners aren’t as good as others, and the message you get from them depends on the medium.

The story you’ll get from a practitioner when you see them in an off the record face to face conversation can be drastically different from the story they might write in an article for a popular website or magazine. You have to learn how to consume recommendations and information based on the media and platform it’s being delivered from.

In today’s podcast Brad and I break down an article that was sent to us online. We’ll teach you what specific buzz words to look out for and what they mean legally. We’ll explain what influences most articles you find in print and online and how the message can become distorted.You’ll see how selectively pointing out parts of the truth and leaving out other parts can paint a picture exactly opposite of what the facts say.

Finally you’ll learn how to think your way through any article you read and decide if the message is credible, has any real backing in science, is worth looking into further and ultimately taking action on.


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