’tis Thanksgiving here in ‘ole North Carolina and I’m getting ready to jump in the car with the woman and head out to my uncle’s house for some good ‘ole turkey, ham, and collard greens.


But first, I wanted to express my sincerest “Thanks” on behalf of all of us to you at the beginning of this holiday season.

You see, you may think it funny, but we all consider you a friend and we want the best for you… and if you ever catch us at a bar or restaurant in your area…

(I’m in Atlanta next week BTW)

… we’ll most certainly buy you a drink.

So, in saying that, let me tell you the most asked question we generally get during the holiday season.

“How do I stick to my diet/eating program during the holiday season?”

I can’t tell you how many men and women crumble during this time.

They fall off the horse.  Get discouraged.


Remember, as we’ve said in the podcasts, diet and nutrition “stick” is 80-90% social awareness.  It’s the social situations that you’re in… friends, family, work, etc… that largely contribute to your success or failure of sticking to your plan.

So what do you do during the holidays… when all of the good food is around?

Well, you have 2 choices:

One… be a “man of steel” and challenge the very existence of your will power (and belief power), control your portions heavily, deny yourself the goodness that Thanksgiving and Christmas offer

with family and friends as you look weird declining that glass of eggnog.

(Mmmm… eggnog)

Or two… plan for it.

Here’s the deal.

Typically, your holidays likely have anywhere from 2-8 “meals” that you’re gonna be tempted to overindulge.

And this includes holiday parties and stuff like that.

So why don’t you plan on it?  Build your diet and eating AROUND these events to keep you on track.

Too many people get discouraged and jump off the horse, beat themselves up, and QUIT due to overeating or drinking during
the holidays…

… because it’s TOO HARD to resist.


If you PLAN for these things… guess what?


You just know that the next day, you just have to eat less than you normally do during your diet.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it?


Don’t beat yourself up over the holidays.

Don’t look like the weird guy.

Don’t be antisocial.

BE PROACTIVE and plan these things in.

If you want a great resource to help you and give you the added knowledge and CONFIDENCE in this type of planning, just check out Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat.

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