Adonis Index: The Shape of an Athlete

Building your body into it’s best shape is also going to build it into a high performance shape. Many top level athletes have a distinct body shape that is determined by the sport they play. More specifically the type of training they do starts to shape their bodies into it’s overall form that makes them recognizable as an athlete of their chosen sport.

The Adonis Index ratio is not meant to be a sport performance look but rather it falls inline with research on what is the best looking body…but it also happens to be a body that fits inline with the look and shape of some of the top power athletes in North America, namely professional football players.

Football is a unique sport because it has players of widely varying sizes all on the field at the same time. It’s quite common to find offensive linemen as tall as 6’8 and in excess of 350lbs in weight as well as defensive backs around 5’9 and 170lbs…and every size in between.

Various professional athletes will have a specific and recognizable form that is dictated by their degree of fat mass and muscle mass.

Taken from Mens Health. Each athlete is comparably lean but with varying degrees of muscle mass, starting with a distance runner, NHL hockey player, UFC figher and NFL linebacker.

The look and size you end up at will also be dictated by your fat mass, muscle mass, and the specific size of each muscle group.

In today’s podcast, we talk about the specific size and strength of some of these athletes and how their measurements fit inline with the Adonis Index ratio. Make no mistake, a body at the golden ratio is also a high performance powerful body.


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