Adonis Transformation Contest Schedule for 2015

The 12 week contest only shows the small window of time at the end of their transformation.

The 12 week contest only shows the small window of time at the end of their transformation.

Many of you have been waiting for next year’s schedule of contests.


Here’s the schedule:


Jan 19th – April 13th

May 11th – Aug 3rd

Aug 31st – Nov 23rd

There is NO DEADLINE within those dates to enter.  You can enter your before and after pictures ANY TIME during those windows.  Obviously the earlier you enter your before pictures and the later you enter your after pictures will give you the biggest opportunity for change to happen.  It’s hard enough for any of us to produce a change in just 12 weeks.

We want this experience to be as stress free and as fun as possible for you.  That’s why there is no fee to join.  All Adonis customers who have never placed in a previous contest can enter.

If you have placed in a previous contest and want to enter again, you can get featured in the “Cover Model” category.  No prizes are awarded except you get to show off how superbly you have maintained a beautiful shape with the AGR program.

Contest rules and regulations

Get ready to see and hear some awesome stories from our recent contest winners in the new year to help keep you motivated.

Big Things in store 2015… New Year, Same Drive!


What About Protein Dosing? Uncensored Podcast

What do John and Brad say about protein dosing?

What do John and Brad say about protein dosing?

How much protein do you really need?

What is different about protein compared to carbs and fat?

Do you really need more protein?

Is there a limit to how much protein you should get?

Should athletes get more than the government recommended amount of protein?

Where does your waist measurement fit into how much protein?

How much does your body metabolize protein consumed all at once?

Does protein have a higher thermogenic effect?

What about protein being more satisfying for hunger?

What happens when people don’t eat enough protein?

What is the rate that protein oxidizes in the body?

How often should you eat protein?

What is the benefit of protein to fat loss?

Does it effect your metabolism?

How much protein is optimal?

What about how often you consume protein?

How much is too high or too low?

What is protein malnourished?

What is different about how much protein you need compared to a fitness competitor?


Listen to what John and Brad have to say about this topic:

IMMERSION Clients May Login and Download Podcast Here

(If you are using Adonis Index Mobile, go to the left menu -> My products -> right menu -> Uncensored Season 3 -> enjoy, you can assign star to add it into Favorites for easier access next time, if you don’t have access to Uncensored Podcasts you can purchase Immersion Package inside the App Shop)

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Clear Out Your Cupboards and Go “All In”

Today’s  post is the latest installment of the Golden Eye for the Adonis Series.

Here is another  guest post from Eric Weinbrenner.  Better know by his True Insider Handle, “eweinbrenner.”

EWeinbrenner: True Insider and One of our Top Bloggers in the Community

EWeinbrenner: True Insider and One of our Top Bloggers in the Community

Clear Out Your Cupboards and Go “All In”


The real secret to getting in great shape is much less complicated than most believe: Clearly define your goal and go all in.

The real secret to getting in great shape is much less complicated than most believe: Clearly define your goal and go all in.

Have you ever watched Extreme Weight Loss on ABC? The TV show chronicles a year in the life of a person who is struggling with obesity and hopes to transform their bodies and experience a new way of life.

While the people involved in the transformation are different individuals, and the actual challenges they face may vary; there is one underlying concept present in every episode: in order to have a successful transformation, the participants must remove the “distractions” from their lives and focus on their ultimate goal of losing weight.

In nearly all cases, the “distraction” is one (or all) of the following–a limiting belief (“I can’t do this” or “I don’t deserve this”), a bad habit (overeating/eating junk food), or a tendency to hold on to the “comfortable” life they have been living–despite that state of misery it may have placed them in.

Typically, limiting belief systems and the self-sabotaging that occurs when one struggles to choose transformation over comfort are more difficult to uncover; eating too much junk food, on the other hand, is more obvious and often the first issue dealt with.

In almost every episode of Extreme Weight Loss I have seen, and in almost every weight loss article I have read, one of the first steps is always “go into your kitchen and throw out all of the junk food in your cupboards.”

Why is this advice given? Because anyone who has tried to lose weight, has helped someone lose weight, or has watched a TV show about losing weight KNOWS that leaving that kind of temptation laying around will diminish even your best efforts to lose weight and make better decisions.

Perhaps just as important, throwing out all of the unhealthy, high calorie food in your cupboards that costs a fair amount of money and serves as one’s “comfort” signifies commitment–it shows that you are “all in.”

You can’t be “all in” when you are distracted by things that oppose your goals.

By now, you may be wondering what this has to do with you, other than the fact that you may have just realized you need to literally clean your your cupboards, or assuming this is just another weight loss article–and you would be wrong on both accounts.

In short, this idea of “cleaning out your cupboards” can be applied in a figurative manner to the fitness journey that all of us are on in a much broader, but incredibly important sense.

The Biggest Challenge of Building An Awesome Body

Ten or twenty years ago the biggest challenge of transforming your body, and when I say “transforming your body,  I mean getting an “Adonis Body”, may have been getting the right information to accomplish that goal.

However, with the boom of the internet, the biggest challenge today is not lack of information–but, rather being overloaded with  too much information, often leading to analysis paralysis.

Consider this scenario for a moment:

Let’s say a few years ago you started really getting into health and fitness. You googled “how to get a six pack” and came across a few different sites promising to deliver. You subscribe to their blog feed and apply some the advice and things are going pretty well.

As you start to see results, you realize that the challenge of transforming your body is something you thrive on, a quest that provides meaning and purpose far above “working out” for health benefits alone–you see an email promoting a new muscle-building workout and decide to give it a shot. You stick with that workout for a few weeks until you see a brand new muscle building program advertised from an up-and-coming fitness pro, promising better results than anything you’ve ever experienced and reason that it would be foolish to not give it a try.

This cycle continues over the next few months, and as you compare the three, or four (or ten) programs that have accumulated on your computer, you realize they don’t all see eye to eye: one program prescribes “heavy weights and low reps” while the other says “moderate weights and moderate reps” are the key and yet another takes a “wacky exercise” variation on all of the above.

As you continue to seek more information, sure that further “clarity” is the answer, you soon become lost in a sea of confusion, constantly frustrated about your lack of progress and, on some level, disappointed in yourself for not being able to stick with ONE program long enough to see results.

Sound familiar?

Intervention Time

The “hypothetical” scenario we just explored is often all too true. I see it almost daily on the Adonis forums–guys who are following an AGR workout but are asking questions about nutrition information from  some other supplement company. Guys who want advice on this or that program from some other “fitness pro.”

Some are completely focused on the wrong things; others are obsessing over the minutia and missing the point. And on some level, I get it: I get that adopting the AGR philosophy, an approach that is often radically different from what you are used to, takes time and is a process. At the same time, though,  I can’t help but wish that I could speed this process up and help you avoid the frustration that many, including me, have experienced on our way to revelation.

So that’s why I follow with this reality check: You will NEVER see the results you want until you stop flip-flopping between workout programs, reading 10 different fitness blogs, and buying every new program that comes across your email.

I know because I have been there. Until about a year ago I was constantly going back and forth between AGR and a few other workout communities across the web.

Information from both sources was credible and quality–the problem was that there were competing ideals. AGR stresses a very specific look that is all about proportion and definition; the other sources focused on “getting big” and being a “real man” which was associated with certain levels of strength or by weighing a certain amount. This left me going back and forth between focusing on achieving the Golden Ratio as outlined here and trying to “get big”; in the end I just continued to spin my wheels, making little progress toward either ideal.

The issue isn’t necessarily “good” vs. “bad” inforamtion. The issue is, tucked within each segment of the fitness industry, hidden within each respective goal–whether it be to build a proportional physique without being a slave to the process or to increase maximal strength–is a “culture”, a framework of beliefs and ideals that drive everything you and inevitably lead to your success or failure, or at the very least, the rate at which you will find success.

From the language used to the measure of an “effective” workout or even what it means to “look good”, the culture defines your thought process and determines where your focus is directed.

Trying to combine the frameworks that lie within each goal, frameworks that clash at their core,  leads to confusion and frustration that will derail your progress. Soon you aren’t even sure what your goal is anymore, which often leads to even more program hopping as you go from trying to become more athletic one month to trying to build a proportional physique the next.

The Epiphany

Today, as a committed AGR  member, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life and know exactly what  I need to do to achieve my goals. This is no accident–this is because I clearly defined what I wanted to achieve and zeroed in on that goal.

I went all “all in”:

I unsubscribed from all other fitness related blogs.

I cancelled my subscription to the other online forum I had been involved with; where I had been shelling out $20 per month for workout programs that sat stagnant on my computer.

I took all of the workout programs I had purchased over the past five years (probably in the range of 15-20 programs costing thousands of dollars in total), dropped them on a jump drive, which I filed away in a safe place and then deleted them off of my computer.

In a manner of speaking, I “cleaned out the cupboards.”

All that was left standing was AGR.

As I did this I felt a sense of relief and clarity: I no longer had to wonder if what I was doing was as good or interesting or comparable to any other program. I was no longer confused about what I was trying to accomplish with fitness– I knew exactly what my goals were (Golden Ratio) and all of the other distracting, competing information no longer mattered.

Wrapping Things Up: A Call To Action

People often want to talk about the “secret” to building muscle, losing fat, or getting in great shape. Typically, this will be an ever-elusive quest without a clear answer, even when it’s delivery is promised with “one easy payment of $67.”

The real secret to getting in great shape is much less complicated than most believe: Clearly define your goal and go all in.

In the fitness realm, there are a number of possible goals one could pursue; improving athleticism, increasing maximal strength, or building an awesome looking body.

You must decide what your primary goal is and remove all distractions that stand in your way, which for many, often means all distracting (or competing) information.

Get rid of all the other workout programs you have on  your computer. If you can’t stand the idea of “wasting” all of that money and deleting them; at least put them on a jump drive or find a way to remove them from immediate accessibility.

Stop reading fitness blogs outside the Adonis community (this includes being a part of other forums as well).

Consider investing in Immersion–when JB, Brad, or Allen say “you will never need to buy another fitness product in your life, it’s TRUE. Everyone who identifies their primary goal as building an awesome body in the most efficient and effective way possible should have Immersion.

Many will read this and keep grinding away, helpless to their vices of chasing the “secret” promised by the newest workout program–and they will continue to struggle, wasting money they often don’t have and drowning in the confusion.

But for few, something will click; they will take action and go “all in”, and they will find success, they will find peace of mind–they will be the ones featured at the end of the next Adonis transformation contest while others hopelessly wonder what their “secret” is.

Be one who takes action.

-Eric Weinbrenner

eweinbrenner's Transformation Pics

eweinbrenner’s Transformation Pics


Focus on What Matters: Muscle vs. Movement

Hope everyone here in the U.S. celebrated a Happy Thanksgiving with  friends & family yesterday.

As the infamous “Black Friday” is now upon us, I would encourage those brave shoppers who dare venture out into the “savings wilderness” to shop safe.

Alternatively,  to some of you who might be heading to the gym, might I suggest making it a “Back Friday.” (Pun Intended)

Nevertheless, today’s  post is the latest installment of the Golden Eye for the Adonis Series. 

Here is another  guest post from Eric Weinbrenner.  Better know by his True Insider Handle, “eweinbrenner.”

EWeinbrenner: True Insider and One of our Top Bloggers in the Community

EWeinbrenner: True Insider and One of our Top Bloggers in the Community

Focus on What Matters:

Muscle vs. Movement

I struggled through a few more reps, dropped the dumbbells, and sat up.

Having just finished my third set of Incline Dumbbell Press, my chest (especially the upper portion) should have been fried… but as I sat there thinking about the set I had just performed, I realized I couldn’t really feel any specific muscle working.

Sure, my arms, chest, and shoulders were fatigued- but as far as feeling a specific muscle?- nothing.

Unfortunately, this was not an isolated case: this was a system-wide issue. With nearly every exercise, be it biceps curls or seated rows, I could lift “heavy” weights, but getting a pump and really feeling the target muscle work just was not happening.

To make matters worse, I felt like my muscles were lacking that hard, defined look that I was after. I had put on a decent amount of size, but even at a pretty low body fat (near golden waist), definition was not what I wanted, especially in my chest and arms–where I struggled to feel the muscles working the most.

How a Set Should “feel”

When you are lifting to achieve a certain look–note: I said “to achieve a certain look”; not “to get strong”; not “to improve conditioning”–each set you perform in the gym should feel a certain way.

At the most basic level, during each rep of each set, you should feel the target muscle working. There will be stabilizing muscles contributing, but overall, on any given lift, there should be one muscle (or muscle group) that you feel above all else. When you set the weight down, you should know, without a doubt, that you just worked the target muscle.

But… wait… what does that feel like?

Feeling the target muscle work produces a significant “pump” in the muscle; you should be able to squeeze the muscle and feel tension in the “belly” of the muscle, rather than in the joints around it; you should be able to isolate and flex the target muscle without feeling distraction from surrounding muscles.

In addition to describing what a good set feels like; it is also helpful to describe a bad set. Let me use the biceps curl as an example.


Focus On What Matters: Muscle vs. Movement
At the most basic level, during each rep of each set, you should feel the target muscle working.

When you do a biceps curl, you should get an insane pump in your biceps and you should have limited contribution from any other muscles. Every guy in the world who has ever been in a weight room has done curls. For some guys, their workout looks like the following:

Monday: Curls

Tuesday: Bench press, curls

Wednesday: Think about doing legs but actually do curls

…You get the point.

I’m using curls and this ridiculous example to show that everyone knows (or thinks they know) how to do a curl.

Yet, I know guys, and have personally experienced doing curls and struggling to actually feel the biceps doing most of the work. For a long time, I would do curls and feel my front deltoids getting a lot of the action and notice that my elbow joints would hurt the next day.

It wasn’t that I was doing curls wrong–I just didn’t know how to target the biceps muscle and make it do the work. I’ve noticed this is especially true, for a lot of muscles, when people have a background in powerlifting or working out primarily to get stronger. They come over to Adonis, where it is about working the muscles, not the movement, and find that they struggle to do that efficiently.

 Work the Muscle, Not the Movement

If you find that you struggle to really feel the muscle working on any given exercise; you have joint pain following certain movements; or you lack the hard, fully developed look in any of your muscles– you very well may be focusing too much on the movement and not enough on the muscle.  

This often stems from the “more weight = more muscle” mantra preached so often in the fitness industry. There are also a lot of experts that suggest things like, “you must lift heavy weights in order to build muscle”, and that “lifting light weights will never stimulate enough muscle for growth.”

There are two major problems with both of these ideas: First, “heavy” and “light” are relative; a weight that is “heavy” to me may be “light” to someone else, and vice versa. Second, this kind of thinking places tends to cause focus to fall on lifting maximum weight, thus focusing more on the movement, rather than the muscle.

This whole idea of working the muscle is not new to the AGR community, but it is so important, it is worth repeating–this is THE focus of our workouts. John Barban himself has described the ability to contract and relax each muscle at will as the “key to full muscle development”– this is how important working the muscle is.

So how can you get better at working the muscle and avoid just slinging weight around?

There are a few ways to do this and nearly all revolve around improving your mind to muscle connection. The best way to do this without overcomplicating things is to align your lifting with your breathing.

This means you will need to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and use light(er) weights. Remember: “light” weight is relative, choose a weight that allows you to complete the prescribed amount of reps with perfect form using the target muscle.

When I say “slow down”, I am referring to the tempo of each rep. AGR members know that this is built into some of the more advanced programs where specific tempos are prescribed. If you are following one of those programs, just stick with the tempo as written. 

During each rep, lower the rep while inhaling and counting  1 one thousand, 2 one thousand; pause for a second at the bottom of the lift; then complete the “lifting” portion of the lift while exhaling to the count of 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand. The entire motion should be controlled (i.e. you controlling the weight; not the other way around).

 Final Thoughts

The strategies above can be applied to any and all exercises where you struggle to feel the target muscle work or simply as a way to improve mind to muscle connection overall and refocus on what is most important during our work outs: working the muscle.

Be careful to assume that this is for “beginners” and that you are too advanced for this. Remember: John Barban has noted the ability to target a muscle at will is the advanced stage of muscle building–this is something that will take years or practice and consistency to achieve. I can personally attest to the difference this has made for my physique as I have made improving mind muscle connection the focus over the past year or two–I have noticed a much more dense, hard look to my muscles and my ability to work the target muscle has noticed incredible improvements.

 While I wanted to make sure I provided some applicable strategies that you can use at the gym within this article; I also want you to use this article as a way to adjust your mindset, if need be. Becoming distracted and getting caught up worrying about lifting heavy enough weights or feeling like you must “prove” yourself will distract you from what is truly important.

-Eric Weinbrenner

eweinbrenner's Transformation Pics

eweinbrenner’s Transformation Pics

Unstoppable Confidence & The New “Me”: Interview w/ AT-14 Winner Adam G. [driftbouncer]

Here’s your latest essay interview with 3rd place winner  Adam G. from the 14th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Front Before/After Photos

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Front Before/After Photos


Adam’s Transformation Interview:

1- What workout or nutrition routine did you do before Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) System? What kind of results did you get?

Before finding the AGR system I really didn’t follow any nutrition plan. I simply tried to eat foods that were healthy and limit those that were not. Over time this strategy did not work as I continued to slowly put on fat. As far as workout routines are concerned I followed many different ones over the years with minimal results. The real problem was not necessarily the routines themselves rather it was the fact that I never gave any one routine 100% dedication. I either did not follow the routine long enough or tried combining several routines into one.


Side BnA

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Side Before/After Photos

 2- How did you find out about AGR?

I found out about AGR from a fellow named Kyle Leon. I had been following his work out and nutrition routine ( very loosely might I add) and it was a good routine just not for me. Kyle sent an email out with a link to AGR and the rest is history.

3- What was most appealing to you about AGR?

The most appealing thing to me about AGR was it’s simplicity. Food wise you could eat most things you want within reason as long as I stayed withing my weekly caloric needs. As well all the workouts are laid out for you focusing on the areas that really mattered to me to get the body I desire.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Back Before/After Photos

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Back Before/After Photos

4- Were there any concepts or approaches you were skeptical about?

I think in the beginning I was a little skeptical about the idea of not bulking up first in order to put on muscle. I was of the mindset that what I weighed was really important and had some reservations about losing a lot of weight fearing I would lose muscle as well. In the end this was not the case and I have learned weight is only a number, what I look like is really what matters.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

5- When did you decide to jump on board full fledge with AGR?

When I discovered AGR I spent a lot of time reading everything I could about the system and the people behind it. The more I read the more interested I got. The philosophy behind the nutrition and workout plans just really appealed to me. The AGR system just made sense. It focuses on the body parts that matter in order to achieve the body I desire and the nutrition plan allowed me not you give up the foods I love. For me it felt like a recipe for success.

6- When did you first decide to enter an Adonis Transformation (AT) contest?

This was not the first time I entered an AGR contest, I believe this was my fourth try. But this is the first time I actually submitted my after photos. All the other times I pretty much talked myself out of submitting the photos. I told myself that I was not good enough and it was not worth sending in the after pictures. Those other times I looked much the same as in these after photos the only difference this time was was my mental approach to the situation. Even though I am still not happy with my after photos (I am truly my biggest critic) I said what the hell, what do I really have to lose? Now after the fact I am so happy I followed through and sent in the photos.


Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

7- What was your experience going through the AT contest? Challenges that came up? Things you didn’t expect?

My experience going through the AGR contest was generally a good one. The hardest part for me by far was how light I was getting. Even though I was looking better and better in the mirror I felt like I was pushing to hard and could be losing muscle mass. In the end I realized  I was still as strong as ever (perhaps a little stronger) and that weight is just a number. I have never felt better.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

8- How did people react to your transformation? Positives and negatives (if any).

Family and friends by far are the harshest critics. Many family members have told me that I look sick and need to put weight back on. Even my wife thinks I am to thin and would like me to put more weight on. Let me tell you, when the people closest to you are all telling you over and over how bad you look it was tough at times not to give in and just quit what I was doing. But I was not about to give up and used the negative comments as fuel to keep going because as far as I was concerned I looked and felt great. I also realized these comments were not meant to be hurtful my family and friends were just not used to the new me. As soon as I looked different than people around me were used to they thought I did not look right. On the other hand anyone who does not know me would not think I look sick at all. I know it will take time for those around me to adjust but I can assure them that I am healthy and feel great.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

9- How do you react to the “Brand New” you? Have you noticed changes in your outlook and attitude in general.

I like the new “me” very much. I still have a little fat to lose and some muscle to gain before my physique is golden but I know I will get there. Over all I feel great and my confidence is higher than ever. I may not be the biggest guy around but when the shirt comes off I think I look pretty good. Also completing the competition and placing third is a huge boost to my confidence and helps justify to myself all the hard work I have put in and that there are others out there that think I look good too.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image


Editor’s Note:

Hey Adam,

Congratulations on your transformation to a brand new “you”!  It was refreshing to hear how your mindset changed for this particular contest and you decided to submit your “after” photos.  A decision well made, earning yourself a “Top 3” finish in contest AT-14.  Also big kudos to you on hitting some of the bodybuilding “mandatory” poses.

I can tell you’ve been practicing them. Because of this, we look forward to featuring you on some of our upcoming AGR covers.  Keep pushing on towards your quest to “Golden” and I’m sure your unstoppable confidence will guide the way!

your brother in Iron,


Victory or Regret?

Victory or Regret?

Victory or Regret?

Sweat drips down me as if I had just come out of a rainstorm.   I write the last little tick mark on my workout sheet but the sweat blurs the ink into a blob.   I look down at all the ink that is just this gelatinous-looking mess and I start to try to correct all the other marks that got smeared but they get even worse.   I muse to myself how I’m going to have to let the sheet dry out due to the “sweat effect.”

Here I am trying to catch my breath while I dictate this post via a dictation app, as I feel inspired right and it seems easiest.   I try to search for the words of accomplishment that are really coursing through my body and my mind right now.

I came to the gym not really wanting to be here, but I forced the body to move.

I arrived relatively uninspired.

I leave…well…I’m going to leave fully satisfied with the effort I gave today.

When I train…I just get better and better the warmer I get.  The more sweat pours, the more satisfied I am and thus the harder I push beyond what I thought I could do.

What can I say?   I am truly and thoroughly enjoying these new immersion tricep and chest Advanced Growth Series  workouts.   The density blocks that I have undergone and conquered are exactly right up my alley and what I truly enjoy doing.

You know, you really got to find a way to enjoy your workout.  There are plenty of days when you don’t want to go to the gym.   It’s easier to make an excuse:

“Oh it’s raining”

“ Oh it’s snowing”

“I just feel lazy”

“…but a re-run of <insert name of TV show here> is on…”

But, I’m going to tell ya:  you don’t regret the work out that you accomplish.  You don’t regret that workout that you forced yourself to go to and you actually do it.

You regret the workout that you skipped because you were lazy.  That’s the one that we beat ourselves over.

(Side note:  if this isn’t your way of thinking, then may I suggest that you might well not be as dedicated into your training as you think you are, especially if your physique isn’t at least showing some of the changes you want.  You might willfully be deceiving yourself.

It might be time to have a reality check…are you dedicated to your training or are you ho-hum about it?)

LOL...if you think I need to prove what I've written in the blog...this was from my thursday workout.

LOL…If you think I need to prove what I’ve written in the blog…this was from my thursday workout.

Inspiration comes from within and I find it in the gym when I’m sitting here doing my stuff with no one else around to get in my way.  After all these years it just comes naturally.  It’s like a motor reflex.   Many days I force myself against the inertia of laziness and procrastination and train.  As the workout goes on I get more into it and work harder.  As I then work harder, I push it more.  The harder and harder and harder I work out the more sweat I work up, the more I push it and the more satisfaction comes.

Now, we’re not always inspired.   We’re not always gung-ho to go to the gym and train, but like I said, we don’t regret the workout that we accomplished even if it was not the best effort ever.   Even if it was not the most intense workout that we’ve ever accomplished we still went there we did it we did the best we could considering the situation on that particular day in that particular season of life.

The workout we do regret, however…the workout that makes us just beat ourselves up is the workout where we wussed out and didn’t even make the attempt.   We let that old mindset…our old mindset rooted in failure, no ambition, and no desire to really push ourselves.   We let that rule us and that hurts afterward.

And it should!

That’s what we regret.

That’s what we beat ourselves up over.

(Again, if you skip workouts for no good, real, legitimate reason and don’t feel the way I’m describing (even slightly), then it might be time to re-assess yourself.  How dedicated are you to training? How badly do you want that golden physique?)

However, when we overcome that lazy flesh and we’re sitting in the gym after the work out like a victorious warrior…yeah the iron beat us again…yeah it will always beat us, and we’re ok with that.

Yet we report for duty each and every time.

Every time we come into the gym we report for battle and we’re bigger and stronger mentally and physically every single time that we don’t skip this battle.

Gentlemen, do not neglect the battle.   Do not shy away and do not wuss out from the challenge of improving yourself mentally and physically.  Your body will reap the rewards, and your mind will become stronger…just as your body does.

NO REGRETS! Sweat is my fat crying.

NO REGRETS! Sweat is my fat crying.

We don’t regret the work out that we forced ourselves to go to.  We don’t regret that we conquered our flesh and got it done.

But, we do regret the one that we wussed out on.

If you are looking for an outstanding battle plan for attacking your physique goals, check out the AGR Systems that has helped hundreds of men to conquer themselves and achieve their best physiques.

If you are looking for brother-in-arms who have fought the battle, achieved the golden physique, and have maintained it for years, check out our Premiere Coaching Program, where experienced coaches who have successfully underwent their own transformations will help you through the minefields that come up with training and nutrition.

Train Hard, Train Smart,



ADONIS ORIGINS: Jason Haynes | Circa 2009-2010

ADONIS ORIGINS: Jason Haynes | Circa 2009-2010

 Jason Haynes is one of the oldest members of the AGR community and has been around since he participated in the first and second AGR Transformation Competitions, of which he placed second and first, respectively.  Having found a system that he is confident in and that works, he has faithfully stuck by it ever since.  Now in his 40’s, Jason enjoys living the life of maintaining his physique easily and with little effort, thanks to the AGR system and tools provided.  He is also a coach in the Adonis Premiere Coaching program and desires to help anyone to achieve their fitness goals.
ADONIS LEGEND: Jason Haynes: May 2014

ADONIS LEGEND: Jason Haynes: May 2014