Deconstructing Myths, Lies, and “Creative Analysis”

In Monday’s podcast, John and I went into detail about how Politics, Science, and Industry creatively CLASH together to bring you the claims, research, and even GUIDELINES that most of us now take for the gospel.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen in, here’s the link:

Nutrition Guidelines and Marketing – Who Can You Trust?

Now, as promised, we’re going to take an actual study for next weeks podcast and show you how to deconstruct what’s really going on and EXPOSE the realities of both what the study really means and how the scientists use creative analysis to highlight claims and maximize “punch” to get their stuff published…

… which, of course, lets the industry marketing guys run wild with a study that shows 300% more fat loss or muscle building, even though the actual gross fat loss or muscle gain is essentially GRAMS or a TENTH of a gram.

But, we need your help.

In the comments section of the blog, we’re asking for some direction on WHAT type of studies you want to see exposed or ripped apart.

Right now, it’s the Tabata protocol (interval training) and the most quoted study there is on the subject that it looks like we’re gonna tackle.

However, if you want something else, let us know.

Also, we’ve had a few people say that they can’t get the player to play.

I’m going to have all of the podcast files sent to a redundant server and upload a page where you can get the raw files in case this happens to you… should be next week.

Oh, and transcripts should be available for all of the podcasts as well starting in 2 weeks, just in case you like to read more than you do listen.

So there you go, more nuggets for your dome on this wonderful Wednesday.

Don’t forget to “vote” for Monday’s podcast subject today.

Stay cool,


p.s. Here’s a cool video of John talking about one of our most common questions:

What Makes Up Metabolic Rate?


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