Dr Manhattan Is Jacked!

I hope your week is going well. We’re changing up a lot of things here with the Adonis Effect and Adonis Lifestyle as a whole so expect more and more content to hit this blog over the next few weeks.

(We’ve also got an emergency teleseminar planned for next Wednesday on “How Much Food Does It Take To Build Muscle” as well… more on that later)

But for now…

… so I finally broke down and rented “The Watchmen” on the ‘ole box the other day… mainly because I was interested in this blue dude that they kept showing in the commercials.

If you’re not familiar with the movie, basically, there’s this guy that gets zapped by nuclear rays and ends up turning into this all powerful being named “Dr. Manhattan” (kinda similiar to the Incredible Hulk in a way).

But that’s not what really interested me. Actually, not even close.

You see, this character in the movie is RIPPED.

And apparently, when creating the character for the movie (who is supposed to be a perfect being so to say), they actually thought of using the Vitruvian Man as the model… but ended up using body shots from a guy that does a lot of commercial modeling and has an awesome AI himself.

Of course, the Vitruvian Man is solely based on a perfect Adonis Index as well as other “perfect” Golden ratio relationships.

Interesting, huh?

Anyway, I have my new role model/bodyshape that I’m aiming for… and you’re looking at it above… lol.

(Oh, and for the record, I need to get more pics up showing the changes from my last Facebook “photo” shoot. My AI has increased since then because my waist has decreased quite a bit.)

What do you think?

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