Enriching Decisions and Constraint Theory

This week, I’m attending a killer conference and yesterday evening, I heard something that I wanted to share with you.

You see, I truly believe in the “translation” of ideas.

What that means is, taking one idea from one area of life (in this case, business) and translating it over to another part of life (your body)

And the idea is this:

Everyday, we are presented with MULTIPLE opportunities to either ENRICH your life, or DEGRADE your life.

It’s a manner of making “rich” decisions or “poor” ones.

In other words, lets say your goal is to get your body to perfect proportions… (and it IS… right?)

There will come a time today where you have to decide if you’re working out or not.

There will come a time today where you have to decide whether you’re putting that greasy slice of pizza down your throat.

In that moment, you will make either a decision to ENRICH or life or DEGRADE it… and the SUM of all of these enriching and degrading actions equals the RESULT you get in your life.

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed how we talk about having a fruitful lifestyle and not living like a hermit…

(And I’m totally taking my own advice from Saturday’s email by the way, about meeting people just to meet people… SO POWERFUL)

… and in order to get these results that you’re looking for…

… you need to consistently make more ENRICHING decisions regarding the goal you want.

That means:

1. Taking responsibility for where you currently are (we talked about this in the podcast the other day)

2. Being proactive. Actually being a goal “getter”, not a goal “setter”.

3. Increasing your awareness to situations that have the power to enrich you or degrade you – and this is HUGE. Because of the compounding effects of these decisions, things can
snowball for you.

In fact, the guy that was talking (multi-millionaire many times over), basically said that we can even categorize things as a whole, by how we think about these decisions.

He called it “rich mind” versus “poor mind”.

Naturally, he was talking more about financial stuff, but to be frank…

… I’ve seen this SAME thing regarding health, diet, and fitness all throughout the years.

So that’s why I’m sharing this with you today.

The main difference in the people that actually get in the exact shape they want and the ones that don’t… is SIMPLY (and I mean SIMPLY)… the people that get in killer shape make MORE enriching decisions about their goals (ie their body) than the ones that don’t.

They’re proactive and they don’t make excuses for themselves.

Again, this is really funny because it couldn’t have come at a better time… because last Monday’s podcast goes into some of these exact same things.

Maybe it’s fate. 🙂

One more thing… and this is cool.

Another guy was talking about the “Theory Of Constraints” and how it’s not the “potential” you have that determines your overall success, but it’s the actual constraints (either physical or mental) that actually hold you back.

It’s like the weakest link.

But here’s the thing about the weakest link that most people don’t understand.

YOU yourself don’t necessarily have to learn a new skill or improve a weakness in order to remove a constraint.

In fact, that’s kinda the long way to do things.

Like for me, I hate accounting. So instead of messing with it myself and wasting time… and FOOLING myself into thinking I
know the answers (EGO)… which ultimately could cost me a LOT of money down the road in penalties…

… I just found SOMEONE ELSE… an expert at it – to handle it FOR me.

And the time and cash I save over me having to learn deep level accounting, can go into other things.

So that was one constraint for me. Getting accounting handled a few years ago.

Naturally, more pop up, but when you eliminate the NUMBER 1 thing holding you back, your results increase exponentially…

… like a dam breaking.

What’s the constraint for most guys trying to get in shape?


And what causes inaction?

Confusion – and not knowing what to do.

Here’s the deal.

If this is YOU, you CAN GET THIS HANDLED. Just like I got myaccounting issue handled. Just like a got my “law” issue handled when people try to take advantage of us.

You can invest in our systems… test ’em out for less than the
cost of a happy meal, and GET THIS HANDLED.

No more searching the ‘net at all hours of the night.

No more confusion.

No more wondering.

It’s handled.

You get the systems, and then ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHOW UP.

And showing up is 95% of anything, right?


You have a decision to make right now, it can either be an “enriching” one or a “degrading” one.

You can “enrich” by testing out our systems, getting this handled, saving yourself an ass ton of time and HASSLE…

… or you can keep spinning your wheels, and 2 weeks from now not only wonder why you don’t have any results, but try to place the blame on something else.

You CAN get this handled, by EXPERTS.

You simply have to be BRAVE enough to take the first step.

So my question is, do you want to change your life…

… or ACT like you’re changing your life?

This, quite simply, will be the BEST decision you make the rest of this year, and if you don’t feel it is – you don’t pay.


It’s go time. You deserve this.

We’ll see you in the forums.

Stay cool,


p.p.s. The difference in low level swimmers and high level swimmers isn’t the time they spend training, and most times, it’s not even that they most their arms faster in the water.

No, the TRUE breakthrough happens when the swimmer learns a better way to do the stroke.

Think about that.

You can be doing the SAME work as the next guy, but because his system is BETTER than yours, his results DWARF yours.

Same work + Better system = Compounding Results

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