How to Find Confidence

Before we dive into how to find or build confidence, let’s talk about whether it’s even important, because why would you spend time on learning something that doesn’t even matter, right?

If you fake confidence, people and especially women will sense it and it will hurt your social status.

Why Is It so Important?

Well, if you are into developing yourself then you may have already heard that status means pretty much everything. It always did, but today it has  more career influence than ever before.

It doesn’t really matter whether you want to attract more women or make a deal at a business meeting, you will need to have a  confidence and good rapport with others, the more the better.  Status is partially based on presentation (clothes, body language,  grooming, level of fitness and confidence).

So,  let’s approach this process from hindsight and begin connecting all the dots, confidence is pretty damn important. As a man you need to be in control (not controlling) and confident about yourself and what you do in life.

This will quickly translate into a higher ranking of social status.

Would You Rather Lack Insecurity or Be Confident?

I don’t know how I would answer this question myself a few years back, but today after training with Adonis Index for a little over two years I believe that the foundation for confidence is actually a lack of insecurity.

If you have noticed, the guys who are truly considered confident usually lack any insecurities at all. Or at least they naturally make it seem that way.

They respect themselves, they are smooth in conversation, cool all the time and no matter what they do (even if they are not good at a certain activity) they do everything in a confident way. I think it’s not a coincidence that these guys almost always have very high character, high social status and people love being around them.

These guys know how to present themselves and be confident, which gives them high social status.

Now by confidence I don’t mean arrogance, I think most people often confuse these two concepts.

Being confident and acting like a man with high self-esteem is not arrogance, it’s a sign of strength, both inner and outer or in other words – physical and mental strength.

By now everyone probably has at least a rough idea about what confidence is  and the important role it plays in your life.

Additionally, I’m sure you’re dying to find out the secrets of  how to obtain greater confidence.

Can You Buy Confidence?

In this age of instant gratification, everyone is looking for easy, quick fixes and most people are not interested in long term rock-solid solutions.

Confidence is one of those terms that is often times misused due to poor marketing tactics. Mostly marketers attempt to “sell” confidence by offering anxiety pills, pick up routines and so on.

Truth be told, confidence is a skill that every guy already has imprinted in his DNA, the only issue is that you have to do something very important in order to draw it out from within you.

…Wait for it…

…Here it comes…

…You have to actually endure some “pain”, go through some challenges and build or accomplish something for yourself (for example a good looking body) in order to find it in yourself .

From this milestone you will have developed the basics  to present yourself in a confident way.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill for confidence. If there was those who already possessed “confidence” would not be as valuable or rare.

Society places value on things that are hard to obtain and this applies to tangible items like gold, as well as intangible concepts/skills that require great effort and discipline, like building a killer looking body.

If you have read the main Adonis Index manual then by now you know that building your ideal Adonis body will also translate into having more confidence.

In a nutshell what Adonis Index does for you in reality is give you the body that stands out, draws attention and gives you increased social value or ‘higher’ status.

However, there are some points to mention that  most people who are just starting out will not realize immediately.

There are common ‘growing pains’ such as: being  unhappy with the way you look or feeling INSECURE about your body if  you had to take your shirt off in a public setting.

However, there is another concept, that builds confidence like crazy.  Although, it has tremendous impact on your growth it’s understandable that you could “miss out”  because it originates from experience, more specifically the experience of challenging yourself and TRANSFORMING yourself – both your body and your whole life.

For example, consider the experience of going through a challenging workout and finishing it.

The AI workouts are tough, I mean let’s not sugarcoat it, the advanced modules like IXP or ATS are pretty difficult.

There aren’t many  more challenging things  you could do to train your body without risking injury.

Even the main modules like the main Adonis Index Workout plans 3.1 are pretty difficult too if you are a beginner.

Each workout is a challenge, each week is a challenge, each month is a challenge.

The consistent routine of working hard, building a better body, and seeing the amazing transformation you’ve made three months later give you not only  a quick boost in confidence,  it empowers you for life!

Confidence is a skill that you can learn and more importantly you can find in yourself simply by going through challenges and overcoming your fears and surpassing the  expectations of the people around you.

… what better way is there  than training with a structured plan that is designed to challenge you on regular basis?

But it’s not free.

The price is high.

It’s not a high financial price that is standing in your way though, getting in shape is pretty cheap.

And while we are strongly against the conventional living like a bodybuilder kind of lifestyle, it’s still a commitment for life.

It’s not for everyone, but the results are worth every drop of your sweat in the gym.

Now, the choice is yours to remain average or stretch out of your comfort zone.

…But before you make that decision, please realize that there is nothing worse than mediocrity, I believe that this is the biggest danger of today’s society, most people don’t aspire to improve upon  there current situation.

…Just ask yourself, wouldn’t you finally want to be confident taking pictures of yourself? How about with your shirt off?

Being average (or even if you are like I was, below average) sucks, so take control of your life, countless others have done it, you can do it.

With dedication and intelligent effort you can start moving towards your goals.

Talk to you soon,

Vaclav Gregor

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