“Golden Eye For The Adonis Guy” Series

"Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy" By: Allen Elliott

Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy w/ Allen Elliott


New Series: Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy

As an ambassador of the Adonis Lifestyle, I strive to take the utmost care when writing blog posts.  My goal is that the content I bring to you will be encouraging, informational, and last but not least entertaining.

In keeping with that tradition I present to you: Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy –an ongoing series featuring several topics not limited to but including my experiences, observations and “lessons learned” from fitness competitions and my association with the modeling industry.

This Golden insight that I will share with you comes from the results of applying the Adonis Effect and the pursuit of obtaining my ideal AI ratio.

However, I will forewarn you that my perspective is biased.  Rightfully so, as I’ve been on both sides of the “fitness” fence.  However, let me assure you the grass is greener on the “Adonis Lifestyle” side.

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your brother in Iron,
Allen Elliott
Adonis/Venus Index Transformation Coach