“Justified Eating & The Halo Effect”: Uncensored Podcast

What is the "Halo Effect" regarding food and diet?

What is the “Halo Effect” regarding food and diet?

What is Justified Eating?

Is it a scientific term?

What is disinhibited or restrained eating?

What about concept of good foods verses bad foods?

What is justified eating?

Does it mean eat irresponsibly?

What happens when your list of foods becomes obsessive?

How does this effect cravings?

What about sweet cravings?

Are sweet cravings gender specific?

Are sweet cravings more prone to females at specific body fat levels, stress, work environments, relationship situations, and physical activity level?

What are the hormonal differences?

What about emotions, how do they effect your hormones and hunger?

Is it in fact calorie restriction, or restrained eating, or “dieting”?

How does what you think about food effect the way it tastes to you?

Do the hunger hormones change according to how you feel about food?

How does the concept of dieting effect cravings and hunger?

What about ego depletion?

How does a restrained eater estimate their own food intake?

What is the halo effect on food?


Listen to what John and Brad have to say about what Justified Eating is and why we do it:

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