The Secrets of Building a Killer Body in Your 20’s: Vaclav Gregor’s Interview

Today we have a very special interview with Vaclav Gregor, he’s agreed for us to refer to him as Greg. Some of you might recognize him from a previous contest. Greg is now a member of the Adonis Index team and works with the Brad’s and I to keep the AI mission moving forward.

He approached me about working with us and proved that he was the type of person to get things done both through is work with us and the work he has done transforming his body.  Check out his pictures to see the progress he has made over the past two years using the AI systems.

A True Adonis Index Transformation in the Making

Vaclav Gregor - Progress

Greg's progress pictures after following Adonis Index for two years.

Greg’s Approach for This Photoshoot

I’ve never heard of, or seen a transformation that went off without a hitch and this one was no different, Greg actually got sick twice preparing for this photoshoot and the photographer only showed up with one dumbbell instead of two. So he just improvised and did whatever he could with what he had…it still turned out great.

The diet side of things was the hardest part. As a young guy it’s very difficult to keep appetite in control considering that juvenile muscle growth and work induced muscle growth are both going on. Sometimes the desire to eat is ravenous. Greg also likes to eat socially instead of following the anti social bodybuilder-tupperware-food lifestyle. This requires some daily and weekly planning in order to fit in the social eating as well as reaching his physique goals. This also requires some managing of the budget as eating socially and out of the house is a bit more expensive, but it’s still doable if you cut down on snacks and other mindless eating…and that is exactly what he did.

Less food but higher Quality

Part of the philosophy Greg took with his approach to diet was to spare no expense on good quality food and simply eat less of it. He would rather put is time into socializing and working rather than preparing multiple meals every day. His friends thinks he spends a lot of money on food and working at coffee shops but in reality his food budget is the same as last year, he just found a way to spend it more intelligently and still get the results he wants from his body eating really good food. The key is knowing exactly how many calories he really needed to continue to gain muscle will slowly reducing body fat. When you add it up you’ll find out that you don’t need to eat as much food as you think and you can easily eat very high quality food without breaking the bank.

Greg used the Reverse Taper Diet protocol to guide his calorie totals and projected weekly fat loss. His daily calories came in around 2200-2600 depending on training and activity. His daily and weekly eating patterns followed the principles of AGD. He kept things tighter during the week to allow more room for calories and social eating on the weekends. His biggest meal was at the end of the day and he regularly trained in the fasted state during the day. In his opinion the day time is for work, working out, school and generally getting things done and being productive…and this is when being in a fasted state is best. In the evening is time for relaxing and socializing and this is the time for enjoying more of your food.

Weight is Irrelevant

The amount of weight you lift is irrelevant if you don’t lift it properly. This understanding is something that usually comes with time and a lot of trial and error and unfortunately injuries from doing it the wrong way for too long. Greg is learning at an early age to do things the right way and is already moving into focusing more on the squeeze, breathing, and the muscle-mind connection, the contraction, and activating the muscle when training. When you lift the weight correctly the amount you’re lifting is irrelevant. Ironically when you let go of the idea of how much weight you’re lifting and focus on the mind muscle connection you will start to grow faster and thus get stronger!

Greg still has juvenile muscle growth on his side and with his current understand of training he will continue to see dramatic improvements in his physique for the better part of the next 10 years. A major advantage is that he will never fall into the myth of bulking which means he’ll actually get to enjoy the benefits of having a ripped well muscled body for all of the best years of his life that so many other guys give up for the sake of being ‘big’ and ‘bulky’. Greg is truly doing it the right way from the start.

vaclav gregor

If you're in great shape, you need to get a tan and set up proper lighting to show it off.

Some advice and points from Greg for young guys who want to maximize the time spent improving their body:

  • Listen to this interview more than once if you want to get the most of out it
  • Listen to every podcast, at least three a week is minimum, to understand how this works and stay on track, once you are done, go second round, you will learn new stuff
  • Find what works for you, it’s always going to be a slight variation of the principles you learn through the AI community and programs, but there is definitely something that will work for you
  • Get quality workouts in, focus on the style and technique, not the weights, the strength will come after you perfect the form
  • Your workout is the most important tool you have to shape your body
  • Remember there is a difference between working out hard, stupid and smart
  • Make being in shape your priority
  • Realize that being fit is crucial or like Greg Plitt puts it, “Being fit is the only ‘effin’ option”
  • Understand that shortcuts take too long and building something significant, valuable, and rare takes freaking lots of time and effort
  • Intelligent effort and dedication is the key
  • Do what it takes and remember that life is easy when you live it the hard way
  • Do what you want to do, focus on yourself, do it for you, people are so focused on others
  • Participate in the community, in the contests, take advantage of what you are offered
  • Find someone who is roughly your height and somatotype to start with and model him
Vaclav Gregor - Good Old Bodybuilding Pose

Some fitness and bodybuilding poses will flatter you, some won't, but you have to try as many as possible to find out.

 As a part of the AI team Greg not only has to talk to the talk but he also has to walk the walk.

Some Key Points to Remember:

  • Greg’s Equation for building muscle: Muscles = Quality workout + Maximum Resistance + Strict Form + Mind-Muscle Connection
  • If you are lean, but want to maximize your time in the gym then work out in a fasted state
  • Learn to work out intelligently and in just a few years you can win any competition
  • You can develop serious muscle at a young age if you’re dedicated
  • Don’t focus on the supplements, but on the actual workout, that’s your number tool in building muscles

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