Learning What Fat Loss “Feels” Like: Interview With Matt

The latest Adonis Index transformation contest produced some remarkable results and each person had their own way of getting there.

Matt Before

Matt Before

Matt After

Matt After

In todays podcast we interview Matt and learn how he dropped over 30lbs in 12 weeks and how he trained himself to literally know what fat burning ‘feels’ like.

After training himself to understand the feeling of fat burning Matt realized he didn’t need to count or guess calories as the feeling was enough to guide him to his goal.

This is a very insightful interview as Matt’s experience with weight loss and changing his body is different than some of the other guys we have interviewed.

This just goes to show you that even though the ‘rules of weight loss’ are the same, the experience and way you will go about achieving your goals of getting to your ideal Adonis Index Ratio is going to be completely unique to your body and your specific lifestyle.



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