Leg Size on The Adonis Index Workout

A couple questions have come in about building legs for enhancing the Adonis Index ratio.

The point is to develop your legs so they’re impressive but not the dominant feature of your body, kinda like soccer players bodies are dominated by their legs and their upper bodies look smaller in comparison. This is a similar visual effect cyclist, hockey players, skiers and other lower body dominant sport athletes end up with. They end up with a bulkier looking lower body that takes away from the look of their upper body and in some cases it makes them look slightly overweight in clothes (if they’re butt and legs get too big they end up with big pants and a kind of well, wide ass!)

The workout is designed to develop legs but not quite at the same rate or degree as the upper body. The best way I can describe it is with this picture comparison of Arnold vs Ronnie.

I designed the workout to try and mimic Arnolds upper-to-lower body proportions and avoid ronnies look.

Arnolds proportions from upper to lower body look better than ronnie


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