It’s Gotta Be a Lifestyle or Your Hard-Earned Physique Will Go Away

Today we have an interview with Matt Misiurak who won 5th place in our recent Adonis Index Transformation Contest.

Check out his pictures:

It's not just about winning a place in a fitness contest. It's about lifestyle shifts. The contest is here to help you push it further. The only question is, will you?

Matt has been with Adonis Index for a while, he even placed in the AT3. In just 11 weeks he lost 35 pounds. He got to a bodyweight of 162 pounds and lost 9 inches on his waist going from 42 to 33 inches.

However, despite making the transformation, he gained the fat back and got all the way back up to 190 pounds.

This was as he puts it “pretty bad”, he knew something was obviously missing in his mindset.

And here is the thing, having a great body is not an outcome or final destination, it’s not a point in time, but rather it’s the result of a continuous effort.

It simply has to become a part of your lifestyle.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to eat six meals a day, weighing your food, doing two hours of cardio in the morning and working out for three hours in the afternoon. If you are not preparing to compete and step on a live stage you never need to go to those extremes.

However, here is the truth, getting in shape is a process not a destination and not only that, but it has to be a lifestyle. This is why we preach flexible and long-term sustainable options, here are a few of them:

  • Intermittent routine periodic fasting
  • Low calorie weekdays as a way to ‘bank’ calories for weekends
  • 3-5 workouts a week on average
  • Focusing on flexibility, balance and freedom in your diet

…and choosing these options over the more inflexible and obsessive patterns like carb cycling or macronutrient optimizing, and obsessing over good vs bad food lists. Our system is meant to get you in shape while still having a life worth living!

Matt learned the hard way that getting in shape is only the first step. The second step is all about figuring out how to stay in shape. You have to continue working out, keep progressing, finding  new goals and new ways of balancing your life with your fitness.

When he saw the 190 pound mark on the scale he realized that for the past few months he was moving backwards in his life and that needed to change.

In your life you must move forward to feel satisfied, happy and fulfilled. There needs to be constant improvement, you have to strive for a better life in order to enjoy it no matter where you currently are…we can all do a little bit better each day if we choose to.

“I Always Wanted a Six-Pack, At 29 I Finally Have It!”

What Matt did to start moving forward again was “shadowing” one of the contests we had at that time to get back in shape. He decided not to compete officially, because he was afraid of taking it too extreme and rebounding again.

Everything was going well, so he entered the AT7, well the results are amazing.

Here is one more picture:

This is Matt's overall transformation with Adonis Index, pretty impressive huh?

This time Matt took a much more sustainable approach and changed his body for good and lives the Adonis Lifestyle.

And that’s what this is about. The goal is to get in shape and STAY THERE.

Stop looking for excuses and start finding reasons why you can do it and why you deserve to have the AI body.

If It’s Something You Wanted to Achieve Your Whole Life, Why Haven’t You Done Anything About it?

Sometimes you get caught up before you get started. Matt talks about asking yourself 6 basic question to determine what to do to achieve your goals and have the life you want, here they are:

  1. When – It should always be RIGHT NOW!
  2. What – Build a great shape
  3. Why – Why do you want to get in shape? What will it change in your life?
  4. Where – Where ever you are RIGHT NOW
  5. Who – Yourself, YOU will always be the priority in your life
  6. How – Eat less, follow the AI workouts and train consistently

This will sound way to simple and stupid to most people, but if you take a few minutes and really think about the answers you will be much clearer on what should you do next.

Once you find answers to all these questions you will understand why you want to achieve your goal. You’ll be left with no excuses and a list of reason to take action NOW.

Also, understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned, Matt didn’t plan to gain weight and get to 190 pounds either. Just remember to keep improving and take those experiences as lessons.

If it wasn’t for the rebound Matt experienced, he wouldn’t understand that it has to be a lifestyle and constant effort for him to stay in shape and maintain his condition.

Take home message from Matt:

  1. Stop making excuses, look at yourself from an unbiased view
  2. Everything you say you’ll do ‘later’ can be done now
  3. Be honest with yourself, “are you happy?” If not take action, no one is going to do it for you, if you don’t take action you will stay where you are right now forever
  4. Figure out why you want to do it (find the REAL reason)
  5. Don’t try to learn everything under the sun before you step into the gym, instead just go to the gym and start DOING IT, you can always get more information later – Start before you are fully educated, get going, take action

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Read Matt’s experience with Adonis Index in his own words:

I have had quite the journey since competing and placing 5th in AT3. In that contest I lost about 35 lbs in 11 weeks. I had taken my final photos a full week earlier because I knew I was about to “snap” with my diet, and I did. In the weeks to follow I watched my weight gradually increase and my waist along with it obviously. I had started AT7 at 197 lbs and finished at 162, this was November of 2010. Fast forward to August 2011 and I had gained all but a few measly pounds back and was weighing in at 194 lbs again. At this point I decided that something had to change and there was a contest coming up – AT6. I decided not to enter as this led me to be a bit obsessive about the whole thing last time, which eventually led to me losing the physique I had worked so hard to get. Instead I decided to make this a lifestyle and…

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Listen to the interview here:

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