Tacfit Commando – A New Perspective

We’ve been getting some questions about the tacfit commando program. People are asking what is it, what’s it for etc.

In a nutshell it is: A freakin’ tough bodyweight training system.

Tacfit Commando (This video on our YouTube Channel)

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One of the guys that helped put the system together is a buddy of mine, Adam Steer. He specializes in bodyweight training programs and this is their newest system.

Adam was actually at ‘the bunker’ training with me a couple weeks ago, he was in town so we hooked up for a workout, and he actually came up with a new variation of the ‘Adonis Cross” and I’m mildly embarrassed to say that his version is significantly harder than mine!

I think I’ll have to add that to Adonis 3.0!

Anyway, back to his new system…

It’s an extremely intense bodyweight system that uses principles and techniques that commando’s, special ops, tactical teams, and federal agents are trained on to prepare them for field work.

This is a departure from traditional weight training but a great way to do strength endurance conditioning and move your body and activate your muscles in patterns that you might not have ever tried before.

I’d suggest using it as a whole body strength/conditioning option that can be both added to our program as a 5th day of conditioning (one of our guys recommended this, thanks Pete)

You can also cycle to this program for a 4 week departure from the Adonis Index System to get moving in new patterns, allow for exercise specific rest and recovery and push yourself for a different kind of conditioning and strength.

What you’ll need:

1) A bit of Space but not much

2) No weights

3) Intensity

4) Effort

5) Desire

If it sounds like something you’d like to learn about and incorporate into your workouts I suggest you check it out, we can show you how to put it in.

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