3 Weeks to go in AT8 12-Week Transformation Contest

There is only 3 weeks to go in the AT8 12 week contest. The past 9 weeks have probably felt like they flew by, and the next 3 are probably going to feel like a grind, and thats normal.

The finish line is in sight.

The finish line is now in sight, and at this point some people feel like they need to try harder to make more happen. Don’t fall for this sort of thinking. Consistency from one day to the next is the key for the contest and that doesn’t change now.

It doesn’t matter how smooth or not so smooth your path to this point has been, all you have to do is stay on plan and make these last 3 weeks your best 3 weeks.

Take some pictures right now and try to recognize things you can address in the next 3 weeks. This would include posing, posture, tanning, lighting (if you’re not booking a full on photoshoot), pumping up vs not pumping up for pictures. This can help you decide where to put some attention over the next few weeks to present your best look.

Final contest submission pictures, measurements, and essay are due by Sunday Aug 12 at midnight EST. You can submit at any time durning the week leading up to Sunday Aug 12th. Final submissions are to be done through the contest dashboard where you submitted your ‘before’ pictures and measurements.

Special not for the 20 week competition.

Those people interested in competing in the 20 week competition can submit pictures for the 12 week competition and continue on for the remaining 8 weeks. You will be eligible for placing in both competitions.

Those of you interested in submitting pictures to be a AI cover model – we will be accepting pictures throughout the year whenever you’re ready. Transformation pictures are also eligible to get a cover.

Next monday we will be back to our regularly scheduled interviews.




Today is the first day you can submit your AT8 Transformation contest pictures. The link to the contest entry form is in the top right corner of your Adonis Lifestyle Community page.

Watch this video tutorial to see how the new contest registration works:



More information about the new categories can be found here:

AT8 Contest Information

The most notable change is the addition of a new 20 week category.

You can submit your ‘before’ pictures any time this week.

The Cover Model pictures can be entered at any point during the contest. The only stipulation is that you must take a newspaper picture during the cover model photoshoot to prove the date of the photoshoot itself. It doesn’t matter how long after the photoshoot you wait to upload the pictures into the software application. As long as you take the newspaper picture at the photoshoot you’re all good.

Let’s make this the best Adonis Index contest yet!

Good luck to all


AT8 Announcement

The 8th Adonis Index transformation contest is upon us and it’s time to lay out the ground rules.

This time around the categories have changed.

Category # 1 — 12 Week Transformation —

Start Date: May 21st

End Date: Aug 12th

Contest entry submissions will now be through an interactive web form that will be live in your membership cockpit as of May 21st. You can submit your ‘before’ picture and numbers anytime during the first week.

The contest tracking form will provide you with a way to track your measurements and uplooad pictures every week during the contest if you choose. You must at least upload pictuures and stats during the first week and week 12.

The data in the webform is stored in a secure folder and nobody else can see it other than sitte administrators (Brad Howard, myself and Greg)

The mandatory poses will be laid out in the web form along with sample poses. You may nottice some previous contest winners featured in teh sample poses.

Prize money is as follows:

1st Place – $500

2nd Place – $350

3rd Place – $250

4th-10th – $200

Category #2 — 20 Week Transformation —

Start Date: May 21st

End Date: Oct 7th

Entry submissions are through the same web form as indicated in the 12 week contest, everyything is the same except for the duration of the contest. “Before” information must bee entered the week of May 21st and final data must be entered by Oct 7th.


Prize money is as follows:

1st Place – $500

2nd Place – $350

3rd Place – $250

4th-10th – $200

Contestants intending to do the 20 week transformation may also enter a set of ‘after’ pictures the 12 week point and could potentiall place in both the 12 week and 20 week contest.

Category #3 — Cover Model —

The ‘cover model’ category replaces the former ‘open’ contests. Cover model starts the same day as the transformation contest and we will be accepting final pictures and stats at both the end date of the 12 week contest and the 20 week contest. Befyre and after photos are still required however there is no judging on total change.

This category is a non monetary competition and has no placings. It’s for men who are close to their ideal AI and want to have incentive to stay there. The goal is to submit final pictures displaying the AI physique that we will use for the cover of an AI product. If 10 people enter and take cover model quality pictures then all 10 get a cover and an interview.

One key to this category is taking pictures that are high enough quality to use on a cover. Following our general rules about good picture taking should be enough, however if you choose to book a photoshoot that would be even better.

All contestants in both transformation categories can be selected as a cover model as well if their final look merits the selection.


All categories require a contest essay to be submitted at the end of the competition.

Good luck