When is a Calorie Finally “In” You?

The amount of food energy you need to consume in a day can be scientifically determined if you have access to a metabolic lab. Most of us will never actually be in such a lab, and therefore we are left taking our best guess at how many calories we really need to eat in any given day.

Food energy isn't technically "in" your system until it's absorbed into your blood

The first place to start is with an estimate of your Basal Metabolic Rate based on known equations for your height. These equations are also estimates based on averages. Some people will be above the average and some will be below the average. In both cases it’s perfectly normal as we’re all slightly different than one another.

The calorie balance that will dictate if you gain or lose weight will also change over time throughout your life. This change will depend on your life stage, your training status and your relative health.

In today’s podcast we’ll talk about the calorie equation and how it is constantly changing depending on what state you are in. Managing bodyweight will always be about calories in vs out, but it’s worth defining what calories ‘in’ even means, and where all the possible ‘outs’ are.


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