Changing Your Look Changes Your Game

Making a real change in your life requires 3 main factors

1) Goal

2) Deadline

3) Reward

Every “to do” list and idea that you come up with is just a dream without a clearly stated goal. Setting goals that are too far off in the distance don’t help create any momentum and leave you wishing and dreaming about ‘some day’ when it’ll all happen for you.

The goal most be achievable, within site, and clearly defined…and the most important factor to bring a goal to life isĀ setting is a deadline. Without a clearly defined deadline a goal is meaningless.

Finally a goal must always be linked to a reward (otherwise what was the point of setting the goal in the first place)

In todays podcast we’ll talk about the goal of changing your body and the rewards that follow.

As you see your body change you will also notice people changing the way they react to you. This change is profound and you will also notice that you must also change the way you act.

You’ll learn all of this while we profile one of our transformation contest winners Tristan Creswick 3rd place overall.

We’ll discuss:

1. How your look changes your inner game

2. How your look changes what you will and won’t do

3. How your look changes how people act

4. What it takes to change your body

5. How low calories really have to go for effective weight loss

6. Social and psychological changes that come with a better body