AT11: The Final Countdown

In the last remaining weeks of AT11 it’s imperative that you maintain your pursuit towards that  “Golden” transformation.  I’ve often heard the transformation contest described as a “Marathon” with a series of sprints.  Today’s post will strive to ensure that you are keeping pace and that you’ll have enough “fuel in the tank” to sprint to the end in order to present your best physique.

AT11: The Final Countdown

AT11: The Final Countdown

Contest Photo Submissions for AT11 will be due no later than Sunday August 11th at midnight Eastern Standard Time.  AT11 is trending to be our largest competition to date based on the number of contest entries.

For many contestants, this is the first workout program that you’ve followed consistently.  Thank you for your commitment to the Adonis Golden Ratio Program and more importantly for your commitment to your own personal goals. Win or lose, remember that your transformation is a personal achievement and you should be very proud of your accomplishment.

In a previous post, I discussed the Four Key Ingredient necessary in order to become “Photo-Shoot Ready” on command.  Those ingredients are:

1. Conditioning

2. Posing

3. Tanning

4. Photography/Lighting

Keeping these concepts in mind will help you capture some amazing images of your new & improved physique.

In conclusion, to all my brothers in Iron, I hope your enjoying living the Adonis Lifestyle and to those contestants in AT11, come August 5th, I look forward to congratulating you on your transformation!


Allen Elliott

“State of the Adonis Union” Inaugural Address by Allen Elliott

“The State of The Adonis Union is getting stronger.  And we’ve come too far to turn back to the couch.” – Allen Elliott, Adonis Lifestyle Ambassador

My Adonis Lifestyle Journey began when I made the Watch List in Contest AT3. I received tremendous support from members of the AI/VI community to pursue my fitness endeavors. After winning the AT7 Open Level 2 Contest Category I'm inspired to support and motivate others to begin their own Adonis Lifestyle Journey.

Hello, my name is Allen Elliott and I’d like to share my “Adonis Lifestyle” Story with you. While stumbling upon the Adonis Index website over three years ago, I could’ve never imagined the incredible amount of success and personal satisfaction this system has provided for myself and my fitness endeavors. As an ex-athlete, I’d hear the horror stories’ of guys who started off in great shape only to be de-railed later in life & never recovering.  Now that training for performance was no longer a goal or requirement, I was desperately looking for direction.  I found the Adonis Index Systems  to be straightforward and applicable to anyone desiring to improve their overall “Look” as opposed to specific performance training.

After completing the First Week of Workouts, I took the plunge and never looked back.  Training exclusively with Adonis Index Systems, I have competed and placed with top honors in Natural Bodybuilding/ Men’s Physique Fitness Competitions, graced the runway in several prominent fashion shows, and have published work as a fitness model. Following the Adonis Lifestyle has given me unstoppable confidence to pursue my fitness goals with a relentless tenacity.

Allen Elliott | Fitness Model Comp Card || Credits: N3K Photo Studios | Bertron Anderson Photography | Michael Martin Photography

When John contacted me and asked if I would like to become a guest blogger on the site, I was deeply honored and graciously accepted his offer. My Goal while giving back to the Adonis Index Community is to: Supply, Train, and Build.

Supply–As a guest blogger, I will post helpful tips for contest preparation, provide insight on making the transition from an AI Contest to a “Live Show”, and share updates from my Journey in the World of Fitness Modeling.

Train–I’ll also be active in the AI forums to chat with members about training styles, body-part specialization within the AI system, and any other topics that may arise that I can help with.

Build–Preparing for the road ahead, John and myself are masterminding to bring you the next Adonis Index workout.  This advanced workout will show you how I prepare for Fitness Competitions and Model Photo-Shoots, Adonis Index Style.

As we carry forward the plans and programs to better help you achieve your fitness goals I’d like to remind you to enjoy your fitness journey, the results are worth the effort. Stay Tuned! The best is yet to come.

Allen Elliott

Getting In Contest shape: Interview With Erik Ledin Part 2

This is the second part of an interview series I did with Erik Ledin. Originally it was never meant to be a two part interview, but Erik has so much to say that we just kept going…(I’m sure we could talk for 100 hours on this topic). So this is the second part of our lengthy conversation.

Part 2 of our interview with Erik Ledin

Today we talk about supplements, and what might be useful.

Expecting perfection will only set you up for disappointment. Setting realistic goals with realistic expectations is important to being in a positive mindset.

You also have to realize that the leaner and sharper you get the harder and harder the path becomes. The process might be the same, however you will discover that going from 25% bodyfat to 15% bodyfat feels much easier than going from 15% bodyfat to 8% bodyfat.The actual number of pounds lost might actually be less, but the effort increases exponentially.

We’ll also discuss metabolic efficiency and the law of diminishing returns from doing more and more cardiovascular training. It might seem that more cardio simply equals more fat loss, but this isn’t always the case.

You also must be wary of the so called perfect time to train or eat. If you’ve heard that cardio on the morning on an empty stomach is the best time to train, but you simply cannot get to the gym in the morning, or just flat out hate working out in the morning, then you simply won’t do it. This can lead to feelings of self doubt and failure, and a mindset that it’s just too hard to get in shape or that “it’s just not for you”.

The reality is that compliance and consistency is what will win the race. That means the workout and diet must fit into your life and not the other way around.

These are all factors you must consider when you decide to change your body.

The process is actually rather simple but not necessarily easy. It requires effort and consistency, but if you stick to it you can take your body as far as you want.


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Contest Prep: What is Really Going on Behind the Scenes

Preparing for a photoshoot and more specifically a contest involves a big change to the diet, but not so much to your training. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to most people. What is surprising is how much extra ‘help’ many competitors are getting from various pharmaceutical sources.

Andreas Munzer. Known for being shredded…but it cost him his life.

In todays podcast I chat with our industry insider about what really goes into the contest prep of top level bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

We’ll discuss the major differences between getting ready for a contest/photoshoot with and without the help of pharmaceuticals. We’ll discuss what supplements come into play and how the diet will change over time.

Training is always important and maintaining intensity is a big key. Along the way you may need to cut certain exercises and make some changes to your overall training volume, but keeping intensity consistent will go a long way to preserving your muscle as you strip off the fat.

The influence of drugs in competition prep cannot be overlooked especially if you’re choosing an external model to help shape your goal. You can never be sure who is using what, so you have to temper your expectations what your willingness to do or use what others will do or use.

In other words, try not to compare yourself to others, or set someone else’s body shape/look/size/leanness as your own goal because you can’t know for certain what they’re currently doing or what they’ve done in the past that is influencing their look.

Prepping for a photoshoot takes effort and consistency in both diet and training no matter if you’re clean or a chemical warehouse, the only thing that will change is the absolute final look.

This is why you should only ever compare yourself to yourself.

This podcast will give you some insights into the range of items that can enter into a contest prep routine. We’re not endorsing that you ever try any of them, but we want you to be informed of what really goes on so you can set realistic expectations for your own physique.

The true win is when you’ve managed to beat your previous best and get into your personal best shape.


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Getting into “Stage” Contest Shape, Tracking Results is Key: Interview with Don Gauvreau

Prepping for a bodybuilding or fitness show is an inexact science. There are different ways to do it and different schools of thought on what is the best approach. Over the next few weeks, I will be interviewing some of the best in the business at getting people into contest shape.

Today I interview Don Gauvreau. He’s has extensive experience formulating and developing sports supplements and has recently started his own brand of supplements. You can check them out here: Pharma Freak

Donny G definitely knows what it takes to get in shape.

Besides his own competitions, Don has coached many top level bodybuilders and fitness/figure competitors through their pre-contest diet/training to prepare for a show.

In this interview Don will give his advice and insights on the process of getting in shape for a show. We’ll talk about training intensity, volume, cardio, and how to make adjustments along the way.

We’ll also discuss the effect of changing diet along the way and what seems to work and what doesn’t.

At the end of the day there is no rules about what to do beyond what is working vs what isn’t working. This is the hardest thing for most people to grasp as we all want the final answer on what to do. The real answer is everyone’s body is slightly different and what works best for you may not work best for someone else.

With that said there are likely going to be some general guidelines for where to start, but after that, it’s all about recording and tracking your progress.

Tracking progress will allow you to make an objective determination of what worked and what didn’t. This is the single most important thing to solving the muscle building and fat loss riddle of your own body.


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Contest Blueprint: Turning Pro with Vince Delmonte Part 3 of 3

6 years after doing his first fitness competition Vince finally put it all together and got his pro card. In this third and final interview Vince talks about how he got much more serious with his contest preparation in order to obtain his pro card.

He hired a coach, laid out a plan and stuck to it. Nothing was left to chance this time including doing back to back shows (which is quite common). The condition you see Vince in here is the culmination of over 9 years of training, learning about diet, discovering what works and what doesn’t, and the experience of multiple contests.

9 Years of training and 6 years of competition experience.

The key message is to track what you’ve done, take measurements and make notes. The only way to improve is to learn from your past experiences.

Getting in contest shape is an inexact science, there are general guidelines that you start out with, but as you move through the process you’ll find things that happen to work better for you  compared to someone else. Once you discover the mix of training intensity, volume, and the dietary components that fit for your body then you’ll be off to races.

In this final interview Vince explains what has worked for him and how he got into his best shape to date, and what his plan is for the future.