“The Golden Birthday Gift” Interview with AT10 Winner Mike Cerantola

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 10th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Today we get to hear from Mike Cerantola who placed 10th in our last 12-Week Transformation contest.

Mike’s Transformation Journey begans when he received a severe “wake-up call” from his doctor.  He was 18 at the time and had just weighed in 315 pounds.  Prompted to take action he began to look for weight loss solutions.  Bound and determined, he found results in playing a popular video game called “Dance Dance Revolution.”  His results were uncanny, he lost more than 85 pounds in about 3 months!

However it wasn’t until one year ago,  when Mike would receive his “Golden Birthday Gift.”  He was first introduced to the Adonis Golden Ratio by a fellow “Sister in Iron”  Jessie T, VT6 contest winner from  the Venus Index.

Mike picked up the Muscle Building Foundation and Eat Stop Eat Plans and catapulted his transformation even further than he could imagine.  Scroll down to listen to how Mike was able to make more progress in one year compared to the previous seven!

Check-Out Mike’s AT10 Pictures:

Mike Cerantola - AT10 10th Place - Before Photos

Mike Cerantola – AT10 10th Place – Before Photos


Michael Cerantola - AT10 10th Place - Transformation Image

Michael Cerantola – AT10 10th Place – Transformation Image


Michael Cerantola - AT10 10th Place - After Photos

Michael Cerantola – AT10 10th Place – After Photos

Mike’s Transformation Essay:

AT10 was a completely different shift of mentality from AT9.  I spent most of my time  focusing on making my training and gym times a fun habit instead of viewing going to the gym as an ‘errand’, or ‘chore’.  I had no problem adapting to that,unfortunately I did not place.

I realized that even though I was pushing it really hard in the gym, I had gotten cocky and stopped using myfitnesspal to count calories and just assumed “yeah yeah, I’m always between 1500-1800”. I became the victim instead of the victor. AT10 was all about keeping my diet in check, adapting ESE to fit with my lifestyle and schedule.

Coming from a 315 lb background where I used to eat well over 3-4k cals a day, cutting from 1500 to 1300 and finally to 1000 for the last 3-4 weeks was probably one of the most difficult ongoing mental battles of my overall transformation. It’s easy to “auto-pilot” to the gym and then you’re there so you do your workout, but it is very difficult to “auto-pilot” not eating when you’re at home, not keeping too occupied, and having a mind that always thinks and reverts to food.

After placing in AT10 I am reflecting on this experience with the knowledge, willpower, and dedication to not fall off the bandwagon. I reached my golden waist, I have gotten used to eating ~1300/day, and now my next journey is maintaining my waist while slowly developing an extra 3 inches in my shoulders, which should take a couple of years.

I placed a quick before and after side-by-side from 1 year ago to my 1st day of AI 3.0, compared to now, and I am proud to say that I have achieved a level of physique that does not make me anywhere remotely near as self conscious as I used to be. The Adonis Lifestyle has changed my life.

I feel I’ve began to develop good habits that I will use as a takeaway and apply to the remainder of my lifestyle…Leanness is awesomeness!


Mike’s Transformation Interview:

See below to listen to Mike’s transformation podcast interview:

The Evolution of an Adonis: Interview with Jason Gottlieb Part 2

In todays podcast we pick up where we left off from last week with Jason Gottlieb. He walks us through how he prepared for and won the open division in the latest Adonis Index competition.

We’ll discuss his diet and training routine and more psychological tricks and mindsets for getting in phenomenal shape. Jason also took top notch pictures that will likely land him on the cover of one of our books as one of our first cover models.

Back Double Bicep

Lean Proportioned and Muscular










Jason also put his personal picture chronology/evolution that you can see below here.


Amazing Transformation

Listen in as Jason explains how he made this amazing transformation. If you haven’t already listened to part one you can go to this link to listen –> Interview with Jason Gottlieb Part 1


P.S. There is no formal introduction at the beginning of this audio as I’m less than competent at editing the two pieces of this interview (you’ll remember that part one also ends quite abruptly, which is also due to my lack of editing prowess).



Adonis Index Contest Winners Announced

The fifth Adonis Index Transformation contest (and second Open contest) have just ended. Now it’s time to post the results.

As with each past contest the judging is my least favorite thing to do because it’s so hard to place/pick the winners. Everyone who submitted did a great job.

If you’re new to the game and want to know how they did it, just go here to check out the AI Systems.

Without further delay here are the winners of the 5th Adonis Index Transformation contest.


Adonis Index Transformation 1st Place: Al Sandoval

Adonis Index Transformation 1st Place Al Sandoval

Adonis Index Transformation 2nd Place

Al Sandoval Adonis Index Transformation 1st Place


Adonis Index Transformation Contest 2nd Place: Adam Rawlings

Adonis Index Transformation 2nd Place

Adonis Index 2nd Place

Adam R Adonis Index 2nd Place


 Adonis Index Transformation Contest 3rd Place: Mike Schaefer

Adonis Index Transformation 3rd Place Mike S

Adonis Index Contest 3rd Place

Mike S Adonis Index Transformation 3rd Place


 Adonis Index Transformation Contest 4th Place: Brad Greyeyes Brant

Adonis Index Transformation 4th Place Brad GB

Adonis Index Transformation 4th Place

Brad GB Adonis Index 4th Place


 Adonis Index Transformation Contest 5th Place: Calvin Chen

Adonis Index Transformation 5th Place Calvin Chen


Adonis Index 5th Place

Adonis Index 5th Place Calvin Chen


Adonis Index Transformation Contest 6th Place: Alexander Suherman

Adonis Index Transformation 6th Plac Alexander Suherman

Adonis Index 6th Place

Adonis Index Contest 6th Place Alexander S


The transformation category is only half of our contest. Next up are the “open” category competitors. In the open category we’re not necessarily looking for the biggest transformation but rather we’re looking for a final AI look. With that said, here are the Open category winners.


Adonis Index Open Contest 1st Place: Jason Gottlieb

Adonis Index Contest 1st Place Jason Gottlieb

Adonis Index Contest Winner Jason G

Adonis Index 1st Place


Adonis Index Open Contest 2nd Place: Nick Yarbrough

Adonis Index Open 2nd Place Nick Yarbrough

Adonis Index Open 2nd Place

Adonis Index Open 2nd Place Nick Y


Adonis Index Open Contest 3rd Place: Jason Haynes

Adonis Index Open Contest 3rd Place Jason Haynes

Adonis Index Open 3rd Place

Adonis Index 3rd Place Jason H


 Adonis Index Open Contest 4th Place: Leo Bell

Adonis Index Open Contest 4th Place Leo Bell

Adonis Index contest 4th Place Leo Bell

Adonis Index 4th Place Leo B


Adonis Index Open Contest 5th Place: Vaclav Gregor

Adonis Index Open 5th Place Vaclav Gregor

Adonis Index Contest 5th Place

Adonis index 5th Place Vaclav G


Adonis Index Open Contest 6th Place: Gerry Nelson

Adonis Index Open 6th Place Gerry Nelson

Adonis Index Open 6th Place

Adonis Index 6th Place Gerry N


Congrats to all who entered and finished, you should all be proud of yourselves.


p.s. If you want to be in the next contest, just go here and pick up the AI Systems today

Interview With Jason Haynes – Overall Winner

This is the first part of a two part interview with Jason Haynes the overall contest winner of the second Adonis Effect transformation contest.

In this interview we’ll discuss how Jason completed his transformation journey through the second contest and arrived in the best shape of his life. Check out is overall transformation over the past 9 months.

The end of this audio cuts off abruptly because we were having some connection problems.

Here’s the 2nd half of the interview on this post.



Adonis Transformation Contest Winners

The first Adonis Transformation/Reconstruction contest is complete and I’m proud to announce the winners.

1st place overall – Ron Hansen

2nd Place overall – Jason Haynes

3rd Place overall – Tristan Creswick

BUILD category Winner – Pierre Farine

BUILD & BURN category Winner – Ron Hansen

BURN category Winner – Jason Haynes

A look at the winners…


1st Place Overall and Build & Burn Winner – Ron Hansen

Ron Before Front

Ron Hansen After Front—————————————————————————————————————————————————

2nd Place Overall and BURN winner – Jason Haynes

Jason Haynes BURN Winner

Jason Haynes BURN winner 2—————————————————————————————————————————————————

3rd Place Overall Tristan Creswick

Tristan 3rd place overall

Tristan 3rd place overall 2—————————————————————————————————————————————————

BUILD winner Pierre Farine

Pierre FarineBUILD winner

Pierre Farine BUILD winner 2—————————————————————————————————————————————————

Congratulations to all.

We had a suggestion to interview the winners on our podcast.

I think everyone would really appreciate hearing your stories and how you all managed to create such big changes in only 10 weeks…so what do you guys say, are you up for being guest interviews?