Diet, Workout, Health? What Defines You?

There are many ways you can be defined, some of them you can’t control like your height, age, race, where you were born. But there are many other things that you CAN control, like your career, education, how you conduct yourself in your relationships and your body shape.

When it comes to influencing the look of your body things like your workout and your eating pattern are simply tools and not a definition of who you are, but the health diet/fitness industry try to convince you to define yourself in these terms.

With a closer look you will realize that terms like “health” “nutrition” and “fitness” have no meaning without the specific meaning you give to them. Each one is a personal definition that you alone should make.

In this podcast we’ll discuss:

1. The definition of Health

2. The definition of Fitness

3. What defines you

4. How the ‘health and fitness’ industry uses ambiguity to sell you things you don’t understand

As long as you allow someone else to define each of these terms for you, you’ll always be susceptible to another new diet or fitness marketing fad.

Define yourself.