Your Body is Linked to Your Identity Whether You Like it or Not

The look and shape of your body plays a major role in you sense of identity and who you are. This is true whether you choose to believe it or not.

Making a serious change to your body will open your eyes to this realization (if you didn’t already know this)

There are multiple factors that can influence your view of yourself including money, your relationships with women and your body shape and size.

In this podcast we’ll talk about:

1. How an irrational body image and specifically bodyweight goal can leave you depressed and unsatisfied

2. Accepting your genetic limits is essential to having a realistic body image

3. The trap of trying to and One-Up your way through life

4. Relative size vs absolute size. “One pound” of muscle looks different on each person

5.  Having the grace and class to lead other people by example with your personal transformation

Show Notes:

Muscle Mass accounts for approximately 50% of total Lean Body Mass.