Getting Ripped and Staying Ripped

Getting in amazing shape is the first step of the journey, the second and much longer step is staying in that shape. And there is no better person to talk to about this critical second step than Mark Levy. Mark won the senior open category of the Adonis Index contest. His pictures speak for themselves.



Adonis Index Senior Open Winner Mark Levy


Mark is Shredded!


We talk of the evolution of working out being a major part of our identity to simply becoming a tool that simply gets you a result that you want.

There is a fine line between defining yourself by your workout and simply using it as a means to an end.

This doesn’t mean that you blow off your workouts and don’t take them seriously…but rather it means we all need to learn to categorize where our workouts and diet planning fit into our lives.

The point is making a lifestyle change and give your workout and diet it’s fair place in your life without letting it consume your life and your identity.

Maintaining a great physique is an active step just like transforming your physique. Learning how to live in maintenance is where we all strive to get and Mark has many great insights on his life in maintenance.

Listen up because this is the goal we’re all shooting for.