Marrying the Numbers to Your Picture

In light of the recent AT11 Contest, I felt compelled to add the latest installment of  the  Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy series.

Today’s Topic: Marrying the Numbers to Your Picture

The AT11 contest entries  yet again challenged the beliefs of what was believed possible to achieve in a mere 12 weeks.  Nevertheless,  the contestants of AT11 provided some valuable feedback from their transformational journeys.   As you may recall from Monday’s post, contestants were judged in a total of five equally weighted categories:

1-  Final Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) – 20%

2-  AGR  Transformation (Delta) Change -20%

3- Weight Loss (LBS) – 20%

4- Muscularity- 20%

5- Aesthetics/Photogenic Quality – 20%

Here is an example of charted numbers in each category:


Scoring Metric Applied in AT11 Contest

Scoring Metric Applied in AT11 Contest

The Scoring Metric above serves as a great benchmark tool for quantifying your overall transformation.  However, this is only part of the equation…

Although, you may be familiar with the phrase, “The Numbers Don’t Lie,” there is another quote that states, “Statistics are No Substitute for Judgment.”  In the AT11 Contest, the numbers told the truth for the majority of the contestants,  however as the last quote stated, mere facts alone were not a substitute for “Visual Assessment.”  How you present yourself on camera with both confidence and proper posing is critical to balancing the equation.


Marrying the Numbers to Your Picture

For the first time in tangible form we’ve now been able to identify both the “Science and  Art” of a transformational contest.  John Barban summed up our finding best by simply saying, “marry the numbers to your picture.”

Michael B. AT11 Results truly demonstrate how to marry the numbers to your physique!

Michael’s AT11 Results truly demonstrate how to marry the numbers to your picture!

In conclusion, your numbers are helpful metrics to keep you guided in a logical 12-week transformation process.  However, a “Visual Assessment” should marry to your numbers and help to root the emotions of how you actually look, with the logic of what your measurements are telling you.  Ways to improve upon your “Visual Assessment”  is to take progress pics and practice posing which in return build confidence.

Stay Tuned for Monday’s Post as we’ll be revealing  a “Special Awards” category to the AT11 Contest!


Yours in fitness,

Allen Elliott


Flex & Review: 2013 Mid-Year Interview with Allen Elliott, Adonis Lifestyle Ambassador

Today’s post is the latest installment of  the  Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy series. I had the opportunity to chat with John Barban and  during a recorded podcast session we discussed the “Lessons Learned” from my association with the fitness modeling industry.

As we approach the mid-year point of 2013, John and I  were able to discuss some of this year’s highlights as well as my future goals and plans.

Here a few photos that relate to the topics discussed in the podcast:

January 2013 Max Sports & Fitness  Magazine Cover Model

January 2013 Max Sports & Fitness Magazine Cover Model

March 2013 Fitness Tear Sheet - Max Muscle Featured Writer

March 2013 Fitness Tear Sheet – Max Muscle Featured Writer


LifeCast Model for Custom SuperMan Costume -

April 2013 LifeCast Model for Custom SuperMan Costume –


June 2013 FIT USA Finalist

June 2013 FIT USA Finalist


In today’s Podcast, you will also discover:

-How to avoid the “Competitor in the Lime-light” syndrome

-The benefits of treating your physique like a abusiness

-Staying the Course, the Power of Focus

-How to Become SuperMan, A LifeCasting Experience

-How to prioritize your time effectively

-How to market your physique to take advantage of “un-orthodox” fitness opportunities

-The In’s & Out’s of Fitness Competitions

-How to build your Fitness Model Resume

-How to display Confidence and receive support and inspiration when co-workers, friends, and family challenge your fitness Goals

-Lessons Learned from the fitness industry and “Passing the Fitness Torch”

-The art of handling rejection and realizing, “Who you are as a person, is actually independent of what you do”


In conclusion, I hope that you find today’s podcast encouraging, informational, and last but not least entertaining. Remember to enjoy the journey, “It’s not a Competition, It’s a Lifestyle.”


Your Brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Golden Ratio Ambassador


Allen’s Interview:

See below to listen to Allen’s podcast interview:

“The People’s Choice” & “An Ambassador’s Request”

I will kick-off this post by asking a series questions:

  • What is choice ?
  • What is consequence?
  • Is consequence the result of choice?

These are all important questions to ponder on, especially with the latter question being rhetorical in nature. Let’s return to them later.   I struggled greatly  with choosing a title for this post because I am presenting a three-fold message. It is one-part “announcement,” one-part “confirmation,” and one-part “request.”

To bring the newer members of the Adonis Golden Ratio community up to speed, this blog post is also the latest installment in the  Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy series.  In which several topics are discussed regarding my experiences, observations and “lessons learned” from fitness/fashion shows and my association with the fitness modeling industry.

The Golden insight  I’m privileged to  share with you comes from the results of applying the “Adonis Golden Ratio”  workouts & philosophy to my personal goals/endeavors.


“The Announcement”

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been chosen as a finalist to compete in the 2013 FIT USA Fitness model
competition.  Out of the 600+ contest entries, the top 10 male and  top 10 female competitors were selected to  compete in a “Live” competition on June 8th at the Century Link Arena in Boise, Idaho.   The opportunity to compete in a “National-Level” Competition such as this was a great honor to me as I was the only Military member for the male division.

Here’s a pic announcing my selection as a FIT USA Finalist:


Top 10 Finalist: 2013 FIT USA Fitness Model Competition

ALLEN ELLIOTT | Top 10 Finalist: 2013 FIT USA Fitness Model Competition


“The Confirmation”

Having trained exclusively with the Adonis Golden Ratio system for more than three years, I’m extremely confident that AGR can serve as a road map to achieve your fitness goals and so much more.

My confirmation in this belief originates back to the very origins of my  fitness journey.

Growing up I played sports with a particular interest in wrestling. I found wrestling to be challenging both physically and mentally. A unique requirement of the sport was that of weight management; in order to compete, I had to make weight before each match. This taught me valuable life-long lessons of both discipline and accountability. 

Discipline was needed to properly prepare for a match and I learned what it meant to be accountable because my coaches’ and teammates depended on me to make the weigh-in.

Now serving as a military officer, I subscribe to the Air Force Core Values which are: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all we do. I’m grateful for the lessons learned from wrestling and the military because I’ve been able to apply those same skill sets toward my fitness model endeavors.

The ability to view my “Physique as a Business” was first presented to me by  the AGR system.  Upon this discovery I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to compete in  Men’s Physique Fitness Competitions, graced the runway in several prominent fashion shows, and have published work as a fitness model.  This success adds further confirmation to the fact that, “The Sky is the Limit” when it comes to applying the AGR system.

Nevertheless, I’m very proud to serve as an Electrical Engineer in the Air Force and as an Ambassador to the AGR system, also known as The Golden Army.”


The Adonis Index is truly the GOLDEN Standard

AIG is the GOLDEN Standard for Commercial Fitness

“The Request”

At the beginning of the post I posed a series of questions:

  • What is choice ?
  • What is consequence?
  • Is consequence the result of choice?

I believe the answers to these questions can be answered by the quote below:

“We are free to choose our paths, but we can’t choose the consequences that come with them.” – Sean Covey

As ” The Golden Army” continues to grow by leaps and bounds I’d like to encourage the members, especially the newer one’s participating in the Adonis Transformation Contest (AT11)  to remember that consistency and effort are the little things that when done on a regular basis make for the greatest transformation in a relatively short amount of time.

But don’t just take my word for it!

I highly encourage you to listen, study, and  learn from other successful members of AGR Community.
Here are some great links to help get you started:

10 Most Useful Lessons from Our Successful Adonis Contest Winners: Part I

In conclusion, my final request is if  my “Adonis Lifestyle” story or posts have inspired you to pursue your own fitness goals,  I’d be delighted to have your vote for the People’s Choice Award of my upcoming competition 2013 FIT USA Fitness Model Competition.

To VOTE, simply visit:

Thanks in advance for your support!


Your Brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Golden Ratio Ambassador

Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy

“Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy” By: Allen Elliott

Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy

As an ambassador of the Adonis Lifestyle, I strive to take the utmost care when writing blog posts.  My goal is that the content I bring to you will be encouraging, informational, and last but not least entertaining.

In keeping with that tradition I present to you: Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy–an ongoing series featuring several topics not limited to but including my experiences, observations and “lessons learned” from fitness competitions and my association with the modeling industry.  This Golden insight that I will share with you comes from the results of applying the Adonis Effect and the pursuit of obtaining my ideal AI ratio.

However, I will forewarn you that my perspective is biased.  Rightfully so, as I’ve been on both sides of the “fitness” fence.  However, let me assure you the grass is greener on the “Adonis Lifestyle” side.

It’s often said, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  While skinning cats is of no interest to me, I understand or perceive the meaning; which brings us to today’s discussion of perception.

Faces or Vases?
“Perception is Reality.” -Lee Atwater

Is Perception Reality?

The famous quote, “perception is reality” by Lee Atwater compels us to ask a few questions. First of all, what is perception? Perception is defined as the awareness of the elements in an environment through physical sensation.  The sensation being our five senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, & smell.

Secondly, what is reality? Reality is defined as a real event, entity, or state of affairs.  After gaining understanding of these two definitions we can begin to draw a few conclusions.  What we perceive often times leads us to pass judgment on ourselves or others.

In the context of body types, someone could be labeled: short, tall, skinny, fat, or muscular.  While nothing is particularly wrong with any of these, it still does not negate the fact that all of these body types will make an impression on others.  Sad yet true, a person’s body type is subject to discrimination. For example, a model is held to a higher standard, as they are valued for their aesthetic appearance or the illusion there of.  Rather fitness or fashion, the model’s goal or objective is present themselves’ in the most compelling way to market & promote their client’s product or service.  While this may seem like a very crude definition of a model, keep in mind millions of dollars are spent in marketing.  Therefore, only the best models will be chosen to represent a company; which makes the modeling industry all the more competitive.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how and why these concepts apply to you?

To answer your question, these concepts apply to you because  a model has a very significant influence on your perception of the world and the expectations you have of it.  From your favorite cologne  to your choice of body wash, we have been conditioned to expect certain features and attributes from the model who represents their respective product or service.  I make this point only to emphasize that in the Information Age,  we are constantly bombarded with several forms of media all lobbying to influence our perception.  To bring this into perspective consider the quote, “image is everything.” While this is true in some instances, what is certain is that your image will leave an impression upon others.  With that being said, how you are perceived by others is indeed a reality in their mind.

Augment Your Reality (AI=AR)

Now that we’ve come to realize the importance of perception and that at no fault of our own, we are often times judged by our appearance, we have a decision to make. Before revealing what that decision is, a certain phrase or saying comes to mind.  The saying, “Don’t hate the player, hate the game” means don’t fault the successful participant in a flawed system try instead to learn that aspect which displeases you.  In this scenario, you are the player and the game is the society you live in. With that being said, if you change the player, you will change the game. In other words, by augmenting yourself  you can change the way society responds to you; which in turn places the odds in your favor.

There is a specific area of research called Anthropology that involves the in-depth examination of how people interact with one another. This research has shown us that all human beings have the ability to pick out a beautiful and attractive person. Physical attractiveness has a significant effect on people’s perception of  you.  Changing your body into the ideal human form (AI Golden Ratio),  has a direct influence on your ability to impress others; therefore, augmenting your reality (AR).  It is a physical law of attraction that is simply undeniable.

In conclusion,  under the new series: Golden Eye for the Adonis Guy  I’ve shared from my perspective, if perception is indeed reality and how to augment your reality by changing yourself.  It’s fascinating to know that the shape of your body can and will affect your sex life,  success in business, friendships and all other forms of social opportunity.

The ball is in your court now… What type of player will you become?

Your Brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott