Attention – Your Most Valuable Asset

The most important commodity in the new market isn’t information, it’s ATTENTION.

Governments, private organizations, companies, friends, family and everyone in between are all vying for your attention.

Your attention is the single most valuable thing you have and everybody wants it.

Companies with a product to sell will pay millions of dollars to get just a few seconds of your attention during a television commercial, or a magazine ad etc…

Politicians spend millions of dollars and travel the country coast to coast in order to get your attention to get your votes.

Children throw fits and cry for attention.

Friends and family will also compete for your attention.

It’s your most scare resource and the one of the most value to other people. Where you direct it will determine where your life goes.

In this podcast we’ll discuss how the new economy is the race to get and hold your attention and how you must control where you put your attention in order to line it up with your goals.