Eating for Weight Loss Over The Holidays

Notice: This is an oldie but goodie that we’ve pulled up to the front

Eating during the holidays is usually associated with weight gain, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

You should be able to indulge in big holiday dinners as long as you plan your eating around that dinner accordingly.

As we always say, every up needs a down. So if you’re planning on having a few big christmas feasts at the end of this week, you should take it light on the days leading up to the big meal.

Creating a calorie deficit throughout the week BEFORE you sit down to christmas dinner is a better strategy than waiting till after the holidays to work off the extra calories. <– You and I both know the latter never works.

In this podcast, we’ll talk about eating strategies that can work for weight maintenance and even weight loss over the holidays. We’ll also help you identify when people are trying to hold you back from achieving your lifestyle goals and what to do about it.