Muscle Building & Fat Loss – How To Gain and Lose

Muscle building is about your workout. The consistency, intensity, workout design and your ability to push past your previous best. Building muscle is largely about your genetics and working within your genetic boundaries. In short, the genetic environment inside your body is the biggest factor that controls your muscle building potential along with your workouts.

Fat loss is about nutrition and handling your food and eating environment outside of your body. Social factors like co-workers, family, spouse, school, holidays and special occasions, the country and city you live in all make a big difference for how your fat loss success goes. The way we eat and the temptation to overeat is a constant battle for many people in modern western societies.

We cover both of these topics in this podcast and show how confusing one for the other can ruin both your muscle building and fat loss results.

Getting them both on target will get you results much faster.