Adonis Index Young Gun: Interview with Vaclav Gregor

Many guys lift their first weights when they’re in their late teens. This is a great time to start working out because you can leverage juvenile muscle growth as well as your workout induced muscle growth…but it only works if you know what you’re doing in the gym.

Just showing up and lifting whatever weights you can find in whatever pattern you can find will not produce the results you want. Having a structured workout plan is critical to maximizing the effort you put in the gym.

Vaclav Gregor AT5 Adonis Index Open 5th Place

Many young guys have the effort but not the plan, this is like taking two steps forward and one step backwards and can lead to serious frustration. The plan is just as critical as the effort.

A quote to remember: “The key to success is the combination of determination and intelligent effort”

Just going to the gym and pushing hard isn’t enough, you gotta combine that effort with an effective plan.

An effective plan starts with a clearly stated goal. If that goal is to improve the look and shape of your body then you gotta get on a plan that will move you in that direction.

Building muscle will be a critical part of this.

Key take home points for guys starting out on a workout program:

  • Focus on form and technique and never sacrifice form for weight
  • Get clear on your specific goals
  • Follow a plan that moves you towards your specific goal
  • Don’t waste time in the gym, ever minute in there matters
  • Forget what other people say, it’s your body your program, your rules, and your results
  • Don’t get caught up jumping from one workout to the next, follow one plan until it’s done
  • Remember that effort and determination isn’t enough you must apply it intelligently for success




Contest Blueprint: Turning Pro with Vince Delmonte Part 3 of 3

6 years after doing his first fitness competition Vince finally put it all together and got his pro card. In this third and final interview Vince talks about how he got much more serious with his contest preparation in order to obtain his pro card.

He hired a coach, laid out a plan and stuck to it. Nothing was left to chance this time including doing back to back shows (which is quite common). The condition you see Vince in here is the culmination of over 9 years of training, learning about diet, discovering what works and what doesn’t, and the experience of multiple contests.

9 Years of training and 6 years of competition experience.

The key message is to track what you’ve done, take measurements and make notes. The only way to improve is to learn from your past experiences.

Getting in contest shape is an inexact science, there are general guidelines that you start out with, but as you move through the process you’ll find things that happen to work better for you  compared to someone else. Once you discover the mix of training intensity, volume, and the dietary components that fit for your body then you’ll be off to races.

In this final interview Vince explains what has worked for him and how he got into his best shape to date, and what his plan is for the future.