Nutrition Research: Problems Measuring Calories

Nutrition researchers are trying to determine what the best weight loss diet is, and in order to do this they must account for all the calories a person eats before they make any conclusions. This however is a bigger challenge than you might think. It has become apparent that people cannot accurately report how many calories they are eating on a regular basis. In fact chronic under-reporting of calories is one of the most common and pervasive issue in diet/health/fitness research.

Whether it is due to embarrassment or lack of memory, people will simply get it wrong when they are asked to report how much they’ve eaten. This makes studying diet and weight loss almost impossible as there is no solid conclusions that we can make about dieting other than the fact that people won’t admit what they’ve eaten.

In this audio training session we’ll discuss the issues with nutrition research and why the results are hard to measure. We’ll also talk about the permission to be light, to wear a size medium shirt and the difference between shirt on big and shirt off big.

(Download Transcription: “Problems Measuring Calories“) [pdf]