Vote for Allen – A True Adonis Spokesmodel!

Today’s post is about Spokesmodels…

So you may ask, what exactly is a spokesmodel?

A spokesmodel is someone who is an attractive or otherwise appealing person who is hired to speak on behalf of a company or product.

As you know, Allen Elliott is on our team here at Adonis and he’s been selected as a Top 20 Semi-Finalist for the 2014 Spokesmodel search. He is a National Level Men’s Physique competitor and of course he’s got a perfect Adonis Golden Ratio!


Vote for Allen - A True Adonis Spokesmodel!

Vote for Allen – A True Adonis Spokesmodel!


We’re asking you for your support to go vote for Allen as the next BodySpace Spokesmodel and give the world a bit more exposure to a true natural Adonis Golden Ratio Body!

Allen definitely has the look most guys are aspiring for so let’s give him some support for making the most out of his body and fitness modeling career!

Allen’s BodySpace Username: CaptainHealthy

Vote for Allen here ==> VOTE FOR ALLEN

– John Barban