Weight Loss Research Explained

In last weeks podcast I interviewed a weight loss researcher who is beginning to study body fat regulation. We discussed some of the theories that he and his colleagues would be trying to explore during their research.

This brought up many issues about the way weight loss research is done and if weight loss research itself can be of any real value to free living people.

Some of you seemed to find last weeks podcast a contradiction to what you’re used to hearing from me.

Although I didn’t agree with much of what Stephan had to say I wanted to give him a fair chance to explain his theories. After all I approached him for an interview, it wouldn’t be fair if I just fought with him on each point I disagreed with (and there were many).

This weeks podcast is an explanation of my views on how the process of studying weight loss is itself the confounding variable that renders most of the research virtually useless.

I will also discuss research bias and why you must take these kinds of research claims and theories with a grain of salt.

Finally the true weight loss experiment is you and the rest of us who are doing it for real on our own without being in an artificial research setting. In essence we are the only true weight loss research study worth paying attention to.