Transformation Contest Final Coaching Call

It’s just about time to take your final pictures for the second Adonis Transformation Contest.

Here is the link to the final coaching call: Final Coaching Call

Monday May 24th is your last day to take your pics, however I suggest doing two rounds of pics. The first round on sunday and the second round in monday. Try a set of pics after a 24 hour fast, and another set after 24 hours of regular eating.

I suggest fasting from sat morning to sunday morning and trying your first set of pics sunday morning, then begin eating as usual for the remainder of sunday and do another set of pics sunday evening. Take another set of pics monday morning and finally monday evening. Send me the pics you like best.

Be sure to pump up all major upper body muscles before your pics, arms, chest, shoulders back. You can do this with push ups, decline push ups, some lateral raises and a tug of war style pull with a towel (you’ll need someone to hold the towel on the other end)…you can also use the towel for curls (again you need someone pulling down on the towel)

Send all of the following info to me at john(at)

Have the current days newspaper in plain view in at least one of your pics (remember to get the paper on both sunday and monday if you do two rounds of pics)

Pictures: Take a front, side and back picture

Lighting: Use lighting to your advantage as described in the coaching call

Tanning: Tanning will help improve your look, go for a tan today, friday and or saturday. You can also apply a self tanner cream or spray on tan. If you choose the self tanner or spray on make sure you do it friday or saturday and give at least one day to let it dry before you ever try applying oil (if at all).

Oil: Simplest and easiest way to apply oil is to use an oil cooking spray like pam (seriously no joke). Just a quick light spray might help bring out your look on camera. (this is optional). If you choose to do this and use a self tanner make sure you apply the self tanner at least one day before you try the oil to be sure the tanner is dry before you apply any oil (otherwise the oil and tanner will mix and run making you look blotchy).

Shave: Body hair will kill your look and hide any muscular definition. Shave your chest arms back, everything. Wherever there is hair it will hide your results.

Essay: Email your 250 word essay about your best Adonis Effect experience. This could be anything from the way other people have reacted to you to the way you’re now perceiving yourself or a combination of both.

Measurements: Send me your before and after of all the following measurements:




Height to waist ratio

AI ratio

We are also testing out the new muscle measuring system I created and if you don’t mind I could use your help. I need the following measurements as well:

Circumference of flexed bicep

Circumference of thigh at largest point

Circumference of hip (around your butt at largest point)

These measurements added to your shoulder and waist measurement will allow me to determine your “Volume Index” which is one of the components of our new muscle measurement called the “Muscle Index”

I’ll be providing more information on the Muscle Index in the next few weeks.

If you’ve got any questions ask them here in the comments section or email me. john(at)

Looking forward to hearing your stories and seeing your transformations.


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