Why Bigger Isn’t BETTER

If you’re like most guys, when you started working out you probably had a bodyweight goal in mind that was your target.

When you were 170 pounds 180 was the goal. When you were 180 lbs 190 lbs was the goal, then there was the monumental day you hit 200 lbs when you were finally in the big leagues. 200 lbs is the universal cutoff point where you go from being on the all hands team to being one of the proverbial big dogs.

From there 210 lbs became the goal, and then 220 lbs…it seems to never end. So this brings up the question:

1) Why do you want to be so big?

The answer is not one that most guys can quite put into words but they all feel it. The need to be bigger is rooted in a uniquely male instinct to exert dominance over other men.

Physical dominance still reigns supreme in our world. Negotiating and talking can only get you so far until brute force takes over. At the end of every conflict and at the end of every argument is always someone who is either physically bigger or carrying a bigger stick, end of story.

This could mean a one on one fight where the bigger man wins.

Or nation vs nation where the bigger better equipped army wins. Either way physical dominance is still the way conflicts are resolved.

Every government rules its people by force, just think of what will happen to you if you don’t pay your taxes, men with guns will forcefully detain you until you pay them. Powerful countries also exert their will over other countries by military force (think of any current or past war).

The male instinct to possess physical dominance is one and the same as the instinct for survival and the need to be free. This is where the feeling of constantly needing to be more muscular or bigger comes from.

However being the biggest guy clearly isn’t the answer, as even the biggest guys still want to get bigger, physical dominance isn’t necessary to succeed in our modern society.

There is a more targeted way to design your workouts for a more specific goal.

It is pretty easy to see that in our modern society we have evolved past the need to physically dominant others to succeed in life. You can’t just fight and physically intimidate your way to a successful career, relationship, or any other aspect of your life. (Unless of course you are a professional fighter, which I’m sure most of you are not)

True success doesn’t come from physical dominance, it comes from social dominance and social status.
This is what the Adonis Lifestyle is all about.

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