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Then Vs. Now: Coaches’ Corner w/ Jason Haynes

Today's post is our latest installment of a new series called the "Coaches Corner."  Our Adonis Transformation Coaches will share their knowledge, experience, and best practices to help ensure your successful transformation.  To continue the series, our topic  comes from none other than Adonis Legend,  Jason Haynes.     Today's post was inspired by some guys on the Adonis Forums who were curious as to some of my thoughts on the state of the AGR Systems these days, I began to think back to when I first began AGR…some time around 2007, if my memory serves. Just the topic of this blog makes me feel like an old-timer…lol.  <in my old raspy "Grandpa" voice>  “You youngsters think it’s so bad now…well, let me tell ya somethin’:  When I started on AGR, it was called AI, and we didn’t even have a nutrition calculator…we had to do research and actually work towards finding our caloric intake.  We only had three programs…way before the specific categories and paths that you have now.   Yep, Eat-Stop-Eat and AI…that’s all we had…and we were grateful, dagnabit!“   Ugh…but old man-reminiscent ranting aside, the above statement is true, nonetheless. The AGR Systems have come a VERY long way since I started back before Adonis Transformation 1 even saw the light of day.   A Stroll Down Memory Lane: It’s been several years and millions of brain cells ago, but I do (kind of) remember the initial … [Read More...]

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Brad V.'s AGR Transformation

The Proof Is In The Details: Interview w/ AT-14 Winner Brad V. [BradnMI]

Here's your essay interview with 9th place winner  Brad V. from the 14th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.   Brad's … [Read More...]

These days, I liken a busy life like a well-stacked pile of pebbles.

Precariously Stacked Piles of Pebbles: Coaches’ Corner w/ Jason Haynes

Today's post is our latest installment of a new series called the "Coaches Corner."  Our Adonis Transformation Coaches will share their … [Read More...]

The 17th Adonis Transformation contest (AT17) starts today!

The 17th Adonis Transformation Contest starts TODAY!

What do all of these former Adonis contestants have in common? When most of us started the Adonis program we were looking for one thing, … [Read More...]