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Darren Edman  - Front Before/After Photos

AT17 12-Week Transformation Winners Announced

As many already know, we did not have enough contestants finish contest AT17 to assign Top 10 Rankings for a proper contest evaluation. The summer is usually the toughest time of year to follow through with a transformation and it can derail even the best of us. Many people try and fail multiple times until they finally get it right, and it appears that the summer of 2015 beat us as a group. But that doesn't mean we can try again. However, we would like to honor those  who kept their commitment to finishing the contest. Here are the winners: Louis Martinez [biglou111] Jacques Grobler [jacquesgrobler] Darren Edman [Dazpowder] Congratulations to everyone who entered and completed their transformation goals! This next contest is a perfect opportunity for those people who didn’t make it through the previous contest to take another swing at it and follow through to the end. There is always another contest and always another opportunity to make a real change. For anyone who is ready to make a change, lets make AT18 a great one. If you are wondering about what program(s) they used then check out the Adonis Golden Ratio Systems that all of them followed. You can also look forward to their interviews coming up later this month. Again congratulations to everyone, outstanding job. … [Read More...]

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Adonis Golden Ratio System

Three things you should be aware of - consistency, structure, variety.
You will find all three key aspects incorporated in the Adonis Golden Ratio System. For example consistency is taken care for you by specifically planed workout days for each week. And you won’t just get three workout days to cycle over and over week after week. Workouts have to be fun, which is why every workout session is unique and includes different variety of exercises.You can add cardio to boost fat burning, you can add specializations to boost muscle growth and all while working towards your goal.
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The 18th Adonis Transformation contest (AT-18) starts today!

The 18th Adonis Transformation Contest starts TODAY!

What do all of these former Adonis contestants have in common? When most of us started the Adonis program we were looking for one thing, … [Read More...]

Final Day to submit after pics for the 16th Adonis Transformation contest (AT16)

It’s Time! Final Day to Submit for Contest AT-17

    To all contestants who entered in AT-17, While this contest has been an open-enrollment, I wanted to send this quick … [Read More...]

Final Countdown to AT15: “Hold the rope! -- let it burn but don't let go!"

Hold The Rope! Final Countdown to AT-17

  In the last remaining days of AT17 it's imperative that you maintain your pursuit towards that “Golden" transformation.   Many will … [Read More...]