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David Johansen - AT13 - 10th Place - Front Before/After Photos

From “Skeptic” to “Sculpted”: Interview w/ AT-13 Winner Dave Johansen

Here's your latest interview with one of the winners from the 13th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.   Scroll down to read  how David applied the Adonis Golden Ratio System to go from "Skeptic" to "Sculpted." But first, check out his AT13 Pictures:       David's Transformation Interview: 1. Have you ever attempted to lose weight/get in shape before? If so when? How long ago? What did you try? Were you successful? Did you lose weight? Did you put it back on?   When I started the Adonis Golden Ratio [AGR]  program, I was already part way through a weight transformation that I had begun back in November 2012.  For the first six months, all I did was try to eat more of the healthy food choices and exercise.  The problem was that I didn't also cut back on the unhealthy foods I was also consuming.  My blood pressure, cholesterol and other blood markers improved, but my weight was staying exactly the same even though I was doing cardio 3-4 times a week.    In April 2013 I decided to get more serious about diet and excluded bread, sugar and most processed foods from my diet without having any direction from a particular program, only a few suggestions from my wife who was following the Venus Factor program.  I was fairly strict about my eating then and lost about 60 pounds on my own over about a year's time.  My wife purchased AGR  for me in July 2013, but I wasn't ready and didn't take it serious until the … [Read More...]

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