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The 20th Adonis Transformation Contest starts TODAY!

FINISH WHAT YOU START!!! When most of us started the Adonis program we were looking for one thing, "RESULTS!" More importantly, results that mattered.  Not how much weight you could bench or how many pounds of "so-called mass" you could gain.  Who knew that amazing results could be delivered in a simple formula known as the Adonis Golden Ratio. Checkout the winners of our previous contests. In an effort to encourage more contestants to finish the contest we are going to be revamping our judging criteria, to allow for more prizes in different categories without penalizing someone who may have further to go in their transformation. In this new judging format, you will be competing against yourself and the incentive will be to “Finish What You Start.” Here are the 4 Categories: 1- Weight Loss (LBS) – 5, 10, 15, 20 or more!! 2-  Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR)  Transformation Change - Greatest AGR improvements 3-  Final AGR Score at end of transformation period 4- Overall Display of Muscularity, Conditioning, and Symmetry   NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!! No matter how many times you have told yourself I will make a positive change towards my fitness goals...this time CAN BE DIFFERENT! Don't sell yourself short.  You too are capable. No matter what you look like in the mirror now, tell yourself you want to be included in that Top 10 list of "Who's Next?" Here's what John Barban had to say about reaching the "tipping point": The tipping point... the time … [Read More...]

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How to enter the next Adonis Contest on January 23rd

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Adonis Transformation Contest Schedule for 2017

Many of you have been waiting for next year's schedule of contests.   Here's the schedule:   Jan 23rd - April 24th Next Contest … [Read More...]

It’s Time! Final Day to Submit for Contest AT-19

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