The 20th Adonis Transformation Contest starts TODAY!

The 20th Adonis Transformation contest (AT20) starts today!


When most of us started the Adonis program we were looking for one thing, “RESULTS!” More importantly, results that mattered.  Not how much weight you could bench or how many pounds of “so-called mass” you could gain.  Who knew that amazing results could be delivered in a simple formula known as the Adonis Golden Ratio.

Checkout the winners of our previous contests.

In an effort to encourage more contestants to finish the contest we are going to be revamping our judging criteria, to allow for more prizes in different categories without penalizing someone who may have further to go in their transformation.

In this new judging format, you will be competing against yourself and the incentive will be to “Finish What You Start.”

Here are the 4 Categories:

1- Weight Loss (LBS) – 5, 10, 15, 20 or more!!

2-  Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR)  Transformation Change – Greatest AGR improvements

3-  Final AGR Score at end of transformation period

4- Overall Display of Muscularity, Conditioning, and Symmetry



No matter how many times you have told yourself I will make a positive change towards my fitness goals…this time CAN BE DIFFERENT!

Don’t sell yourself short.  You too are capable. No matter what you look like in the mirror now, tell yourself you want to be included in that Top 10 list of “Who’s Next?”

Here’s what John Barban had to say about reaching the “tipping point”:

The tipping point… the time when you look in the mirror and can say “I can do this”.

Or the moment where you fall victim to an excuse, avoid taking action on what you really want… settling back to old habits… and struggling  for the rest of the year.

Right now, another Transformation contest has begun. And many of your Adonis brothers are committed to making a real transformation in their fat loss goals.

Whether you are doing a contest or not… there is one EDGE you can gain to ensure you possess the muscular, ripped body you’ve dreamed of.

That edge is: getting coached by one of my hand-picked expert coaches. Many of the coaches have been through inspiring transformations themselves. They understand what it TRULY takes to transform your mind and body.

Now hiring a personal Adonis Coach is not cheap by any means.

It will most likely be the most intense 12 weeks of your life. You will be held accountable for your actions and your goals. Now you may be thinking you won’t have time for that.


Did you know that the majority of your Adonis brothers who wisely get coaching are usually the ones who work INSANE hours… or have a hectic home life with wife & kids?

With coaching you get the strategic shortcuts, and incredible motivation… and they are personally dialed right into your hectic life.

The men who get coaching, some are flat out beginners… brand new to Adonis… others are more advanced… and they finally want to reveal the body they desire.

The main thing is… they stopped sitting around… and fully committed to an exclusive one-on-one experience to get their bodies looking better than they ever dreamed possible.

If you want to look in the mirror tomorrow morning… and smile because you KNOW 2017 is the year your body comes out looking amazing then go here now:

>>>Transform Your Body With An Adonis Coach <<<




Here’s how you enter the Adonis Transformation Contest.


Those who have the most success participate in the private online community of men only.  This is where they meet new friends and find support. They learn from others, things they never would have thought of.

GET EXCITED!! The Adonis Golden Ratio 12 week transformation contest is the first step in your Adonis Lifestyle journey!

Email me if you have any problems or questions entering the contests:


Stay Safe & Train Hard!

your brother in Iron,


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My Adonis Index Transformation Story

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 ”It’s Not a Competition, It’s a lifestyle!” 

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