Transformation Contest

 Update: The Next Transformation Contest Date will begin in January 23, 2017


The 2017 Contest Schedule

What Is the Adonis Index Transformation Contest? (Scroll Down for Pictures)

Three times a year we hold a transformation contest and anyone who follows the Adonis Index system can participate.

Some basic info:

  • You have 12 weeks to prepare for the after pictures, depends on the category you want to compete in
  • If you want to win you have to make the biggest transformation, build the most proportioned physique and have the best shape of all the contestants regardless of your weight or height, the closer you are to your golden AI score the better your chance of winning
  • In order to participate you have to have the Adonis Index systems and be serious about this
  • If you look really good and take great pictures we will also feature you on some of our programs, how’s that for motivation?

Why would you participate in the contest?

Well, not only will you have the best pictures of yourself for the rest of your life, but you will get into amazing shape and get a chance to win 500 bucks, so what you are you waiting for?

How to ENTER an Adonis Transformation Contest:

We will accept contest entries any time during the 12 week window.  There is no deadline except both the before and after pictures must be entered during that window.  That is all.  Pretty simple right?  We want this to be as stress free as possible and for you to have FUN.

Obviously the bigger the window you create for yourself the better chance you have for making the biggest change.

Please follow the instructions on this page. The newspaper front page picture must be taken during the same photo session as your pictures.

PLEASE READ THE CONTEST INSTRUCTIONS, RULES, AND REGULATIONS.  The only confirmation email you will get is the automated response from the contest tracker entry form.  The email address for YOU is the one you use for your Adonis account.

Click here –  Contest instructions, rules, and regulations  – Click here 


Check Out the Previous Contest Winners

Check Out Our Previous Contestants

To Fitness Model with Movie Contract in Just a Few Months

When I was young I was always training for performance and wanted to be bigger, stronger, faster. But what is the goal of that? Go to the gym and just lift heavier weights? I was stressed, frustrated about this all the time.

Now training for look only, I am stress free and I look 100% better.

Adonis Index Workouts are all about the natural look and symmetry. They are great for not only getting in a great shape, but also the workout protocols and advice is applicable for drug free bodybuilders.

I never wanted to have the conventional bodybuilder look. I was always looking for more of a Hollywood body shape and looking good 24/7 and this exactly what I have achieved through this program.

I have a confidence in this workout and I received a lot of positive feedback from the judges on my figure, which this workout helped me build.

Listen to Allen’s interviews here: Getting Into Contest Shape and Going Places Adonis Index Style and Fitness Modeling: Show Up and Let the Best Win…Oh Really?

Get the workout plan Allen used to transform into a fitness model: Main Adonis Index System

I Still Can’t Believe That This Is the New Me

I didn’t wanted to be huge, I don’t want to look like some big bodybuilder, but I knew there’s a shape that looks good, so I searched the internet and I found the Adonis Index website.

I lacked any sense of direction, training structure and commitment. This program has it all incorporated in it.

It was when I entered the Adonis Contest and got Adonis Index Program that I started seeing results. It gave me goal to shoot for, plan on how to do it and a deadline. Before that I was trying, but I wasn’t doing things in the right manner.

Today I can be happier in my everyday life and be happy with myself as well. This journey also helped me reframe my approach, I don’t see workouts as something I have to do, I see it as a way to improve myself and make my life better.

This achievement got me thinking what else in my life can I do. Now I definitely believe that I am capable of more than I did so far. This was eye opening. And if I can do it, then anyone can.

Listen to Andrew’s interview here: Commitment Equals Results, So Are You Committed Enough?

Get the workout plan Andrew used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

I Thought I had to Gain 20 Pounds to Get in Shape, It Never Occurred to Me that I Need to Do the Opposite

Before trying the Adonis Index I was already working out, I was a member of a gym for about a year, but I just didn’t have the results I wanted.

Then I saw some of the Adonis Index Transformation and decided to give it a try.

…And it worked!

I always thought about myself as a lean guy, I didn’t think I have to put in the effort and lose weight. I thought that I just needed to build muscle.

What most people don’t realize is that if you gain 20 pounds in several weeks, it’s mostly fat. I was always smooth and my muscles weren’t visible, you almost couldn’t tell I was working out.

Do you wanna to take of your shirt and have a big gut, or the nice V-Taper?

To get bigger you have to actually get lighter. On my after pictures I look better and BIGGER, but I am actually LIGHTER. Most people just want to gain, gain, gain, but gain on what cost?

Listen to Andrew’s interview here: The Last 10 Pounds: Interview with Andrew Tullio and Do Less Work to Stay Ripped: How to Approach Maintenance

Get the workout plan Andrew used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

My Wife Got in Shape, so I Had to Do the Same to Keep Up with Her

I still can’t believe that I did this amazing transformation in just three months. But I did and if I can do it, you can too. It’s all about the mental shift. You need to commit yourself to following the program and go from one workout to the next one.

Adonis Index is based on science and math, you are shooting for a golden ratio that is the key. You will have a specific and measurable goal. A goal that is tailored to your own body shape, not somebody else.

This is what makes it the number one workout program.

Listen to Al’s interview here: Al’s Fat Loss Journey: Math Doesn’t Lie

Get the workout plan Al used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Single Digit BodyFat While Eating Foods You Love

When I think about it, I’ve always wanted to have a great looking body. As a kid, it was probably more to resemble my favorite actors, like Shwartzenegger, or Van Damme… Later, I just understood all the benefits (health and social status) related to looking good.

The only problem was I spent too much time philosophing and playing music rather than playing sports and ended up rather chubby. I tried many different approaches and programs over the years and succeeded in losing some fat and building muscle mass, but I was never able get to the shape I really wanted.

At one point, I would be training four times a week and doing cardio training for one hour for the other three. Two of these cardio sessions featured a half hour warm up at steady state plus a half hour of HIIT. Even after months of training I still didn’t have the shape I wanted. I read and listened to many people, coaches and even trainers and ended up trying countless approaches without ever losing the fat. It seemed as though the industry was setting me up for failure.

The discovery of the Adonis Index was and is to this day life changing for me. I clung to its simple philosophy and put aside all the nonsense I had believed about training and weight loss. I followed the Adonis Index workouts as well as their nutritional approach and trimmed down 2 inches off my waist in less than 4 weeks!

All that with no cardio! I can’t stress enough how amazed I was by my results and how easy it was to finally get there!

I haven’t reached my golden numbers yet, that will obviously take more time, but still I feel like I’ve won a battle thanks to the Adonis lifestyle.

Thank you John Barban, Brad Pilon, Brad Howard, Vaclav Gregor and everyone else at Adonis, This Transformation was just a beginning!

Listen to the interview with Simon here: Achieve Single Digit Body Fat Levels while Eating the Foods you Love

Get the workout plan Simon used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

It Was Adonis Index, Not My Training Certificate that Helped Me Understand My Body

I am a personal trainer and I always thought I knew it all; however once I took a good look at myself I saw that wasn’t really the case. I wasn’t in shape. Yes, the muscles were there, but they were covered by fat.

Adonis Index helped me to find the solution and not only that; it also showed me a much better way of training in the gym.

Before trying the Adonis Index, I would spend tons of money on food, ate lots of protein, ate six times a day and were just constantly looking for a good workout program.

Listen, if you believe that to get in a killer shape you by bulking up to 200, eating six times a day, having four protein shakes a day and watching macronutrient intake then you gotta get this program asap, because your belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

I still can’t believe it, but truth to be told, I am actually getting better results by doing less complicated and less time consuming stuff than ever before.

I am never going back to that bodybuilding nonsense ever again.

Listen to Blair’s interview here: Personal Trainer Confirms that Fitness Industry Leaves You with More Questions than Answers

Get the workout plan Blair used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

34 Years Old Dad Working Shifts Got in Shape!

I was the typical skinny fat guy. I wore clothes that fit just right but never too tight. I was never truly happy with my body.

I lost 20 lbs in the first 7 weeks following the Adonis Index philosophy. People noticed it in my face that I was getting slimmer. I started at 189 lbs and 12 weeks later I hit the 159 lbs. I was never that light, not even at college.

When I looked at the pictures I was shocked to say the least because I never thought that I would be able to transform my body to the point I’m at now. I owe many thanks to John and Brad from Adonis Index for that. I posted my before and after pictures on Facebook and my family I haven’t seen for some time has been contacting me and asking me what my secret to getting so lean is. I directed my friends and family to the Adonis Index program, because there is just no better system to getting in shape than that, it really works as they claim it does.

Getting in shape was a major challenge for me because of work, sickness, and balancing family with working out. I work 10-12 hour shifts on swing shift 5 to 6 days a week. So I don’t get to bed until 3am to 4 am. I get up in the mornings at 6:30am to get my twin daughters, Maleena and Pravina off to school. I then take care of my 3 year old son Donavan in the mornings while my wife is at work. I always hope he takes a nap, but he never does. I have 2-4 hours a sleep a night on average.

Stop complaining you can’t do it, I sleep less than 5 hours a day and I have undergone an amazing transformation, just check the pictures, they speak for themselves.

Listen to Dan’s interview here: Adonis Index Contest Winner Dan Blunk

Get the workout plan Dan used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

I Always Thought that I’m just Big Guy

I always thought that I am just a big guy, that I’m big boned. And I thought that if I eat a lot and keep working out that my muscles will just somehow magically pop up.

Well, not really.

Before training with Adonis Index when I would walk to a restaurant I was thinking only about how other people are going think about me, that they will judge me and so on.

Now my mindset has changed and it is completely different. I can just focus on spending time with other people, have fun with my friends an no longer worry what other people think. It just doesn’t bother me; I am happy with myself and confident in my skin.

Really just stop lying to yourself and do something with the way you look. You have only one body in this life, so make the most out of it.

And this is not just about looking good and being healthy. It is much more than that. Once you get in shape, everything changes. People start paying more attention to what you have to say, your opinions have more value, they see you as a role model, want to spend more time with you and are generally nicer. You will also feel better about yourself and since you are more positive you can actually communicate with other people better and improve your relationships with them.

Take care of your body, the investment is worth it.

Listen to Dan’s interviews here: Transformation Winner Dan Richardson Interview and Tips on How to Place in 2 Contests, Lose 100 pounds and Get Ripped

Get the workout plan Dan used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

You Can Stay Lean and Still Be Building Muscles

I was amazed by how good the pictures came out at the end. It was definitely a big improvement compared to how I looked before working out with the Adonis Index systems.

I never really knew what to do to get in shape, how to work out, never paid attention to how I lift or to what I ate and my body was a good evidence of this approach.

Once I went through the Adonis Index program I was like, this really makes a lot of sense, it’s no “bro-science” you hear in the gym or marketing claims you are faced to everywhere else.

This was logical and based on real research.

The best part of this system is that you can look good all year round. Nobody cares how much you weight, what really matters are your proportions.

Get Adonis Index, be consistent with your workouts and you will be able to build muscles while staying lean all year long. You will look good even without your shirt off and will never have to do bulking ever again.

Listen to David’s interview here: Get Lean First, then Build Muscle

Get the workout plan David used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

It’s Adonis Index, Not My Personal Training Certificate that Helped Me Understand My Body

I’ve been working out for quite a while and I have a personal trainer certificate, but while I thought I knew a lot I was completely unaware of how unfit I really am and truth to be told, I really didn’t know that much as I thought I did. In reality I knew only what the supplement companies and fitness magazines wanted me to know, how pathetic.

I tried the Adonis Index system after a friend of mine introduced me to it. It worked and better than I expected.

To this day I lost 35 pounds and went from 210 to 175 and I can finally see my abs.

I would never believe that I will get so lean that I would actually see my abs changing its look based on the specific food I eat, incredible.

I always looked sort of good in the shirt, but I would be anxious about taking it off, this has drastically changed in the last few months.

Today when I look at myself in a mirror, all I can tell is “wow”. Adonis Index program allowed me to experience this and helped me transform my body.

Listen to Herman’s interview here: The Only Downside Is the Need for New Clothes

Get the workout plan Herman used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Sometimes Simple Is Better

When I was at college I was just ignoring the way I looked and was telling myself that it is okay to gain some weight and that being average is okay. Looking back now, I was in much worse shape than I realized. Man I was fat.

After trying lots of stupid things I found the Adonis Index and that was something. It seemed so simple and sounded too good to be true. However, sometimes the simplest things work the best. I bought it, but still was too skeptical to try it. After almost a year of leaving it in my PC and decided to jump on board with the program and that was the best thing that could happen to me.

After few months I completely transformed my body and felt hundred times better about myself. And people started noticing too!

A week later I was dancing with one woman and she asked me how old I was and when I told her she was like: “You are little too young for my daughter”. I just couldn’t believe that this stuff was really happening to me.

My advice? Just accept that simple things can work better and take the shot with the Adonis Index system.  You are here because you want to get in shape, so stop waiting and just do it.

Listen to Jason’s interviews here: Winning against the Odds: Interview with Jason Gottlieb, The Lifestyle of being in great shape: Interview With Jason Gottlieb Part 1 and The Evolution of an Adonis: Interview with Jason Gottlieb Part 2

Get the workout plan Jason used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

I Could Have Been Ripped Years Ago If I’d Started with Adonis Index

I purchased the Adonis Index a year ago, but I had dozens of other online programs in my PC that I wasted my money on in the past and never looked at that Adonis Index originally went there as well.

I was an ass, instead of trying the program I was arguing with you guys why it can’t work, but I never bothered trying it in the first place.

God I was stupid.

It took me six months to bulk up. After that I took a serious look at myself. To be honest, I looked like crap, I felt like crap.

After a while I decided to try the Adonis Index systems. And it WORKED! It worked like magic.

Before training with Adonis Index I acted like a jackass. This behavior came from my insecurities about the way I looked. When I looked skinny I was a jerk, when I bulked up, I became even a bigger jerk. And this only changed once I got in shape.

Keep it simple guys, get Adonis Index program, get ripped, and enjoy life.

Listen to Jason’s interviews here: You’ve Got To Have A GoalInterview With Jason Haynes Part 2 and Interview With Jason Haynes – Overall Winner

Get the workout plan Jason used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

My Friends Think I Photo-shopped My Pictures!

I decided that it would be awesome if I was 60 years old I would be in the best shape of my life.

I’ve read everything there was on the internet and I’ve tried a lot of programs. However, the results didn’t come. Then I found Adonis Index. I started reading it and it made the most sense of everything. It was like finding all the missing pieces and destroying all the myths.

The program John laid out really develops the shoulders, upper back and chest muscles that made for that dominant, power look. I’ve never achieved that with any other program.

Adonis Index workout helped me build the Adonis body shape, which is really an archetype for power, strength, virility and it’s something that everybody in this society is consciously and unconsciously drawn to, male or female.

I did no drugs, I did no hormone therapy. No steroids, no supplements, no coffee, no dairy products, no eggs, no protein powder, No six meals a day.

There is no need for any of those things if you have a good workout program.

Listen to Joe’s interview here: Best Shape of His Life at 60 Years old

Get the workout plan Joe used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

You Have to Focus on Proportions and Ideal Shape, Or You Will Never Look Good

I have to say that looking at the pictures now; the transformation is massive and quite impressive. I’m really happy with the results and even proud at how I changed.

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I did my best at the gym, I trained really hard, never missed a workout and followed my diet plan. I was never in a shape like this, so I wasn’t sure how I am going to look like once I get there, but I really like how I look now.

People look at my pictures and they think I have gained about 15 pounds. The truth is that while I have definitely gained some muscles, I actually lost weight.

And that’s the most important thing I have learnt from the Adonis Index system, that by being six pack lean and having proportioned muscles you create an illusion of being bigger than you really are.

It’s all about definition, proportions and shape.

Before doing this transformation contest it would have never occurred to me that I could look bigger and be actually lighter.

And I didn’t have to change into a compulsive dieter or a gym rat to do this either. There was a balance and I didn’t have to sleep at the gym or eat six times a day at home, preparing all my meals with high protein shakes.

Thanks John and Brad for developing the system for us and for keeping it simple, this really changed my life!

Listen to John’s interview here: Has Bulking Ever Worked for You? Try the Opposite

Get the workout plan John used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

20 Years Ago I Was Told I Would Never Lift Weights Again

I started lifting as a kid. I’m only 5’4’’ and since all the big guys were going to the gym it seemed like a good idea to start lifting.

Then I developed a strong asthma and couldn’t run or do any intense physical activity.

And like it would not be enough in 1991 I pulled a nerve when I was lifting an 80 pound bag of onions from my pickup.

Doctors told me that I won’t be able to lift any weights probably for the rest of my life.

I was pretty miserable, but I didn’t gave up and every year I would go to the gym and try to lift something, but I just couldn’t do it.

Then I found Adonis Index and tried this system. Not only that I could get back into training, after 20 years, but after three months I got ripped and I placed in the online fitness contest!

That was completely unexpected to me.

The Adonis Index program works, it’s proven and tested.

Listen to Keith’s interview here: Never Quit: Adonis Index Success Story with Keith Taylor

Get the workout plan Keith used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Save Yourself Years of Struggle and Learn about This Now

I started training when I was 16, but it was always just about few sets here and there, I wasn’t actually training. I was doing what I saw everyone else doing, which was chatting with buddies, lifting some plates on bench press and pumping biceps.

After a while I lost my motivation to continue and just stopped training.

About a year ago I found Adonis Index. And I love it, it’s all based on science and math. Everything is simple and makes perfect sense to me.

All the friends are now asking me how I got in this shape and they all want to know my secret, it’s really amazing.

I’m glad I found Adonis Index so soon, because I’m won’t go through the conventional fitness crap like bulking and cutting, eating six meals a day or overdoing it with protein.

I will stay lean and can just focus on building muscle, the right way.

If you are skinny, don’t try to look for a shortcut and eat your way up to bigger muscles, you will regret it later. Be patient, get a good workout program and start building some muscles. The training is amazing and diet is pretty simple and easy to do, I didn’t have to sacrifice my social life either, I still went out every week and drank with my friends.

Listen to Kerry’s interview here: Save Yourself Years of Struggle and Learn about This Now

Get the workout plan Kerry used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Consistency is the Key To Building Muscle and Staying Lean

I was tired of being called the skinny guy, I wanted to put on some muscles. I tried to seek some advice on bodybuilding forums and in magazines, but unsuccessfully. I was left with no idea what to do to get in shape and I had to rely on the workouts I created myself based on what I have read on the forums. At the end I got no results from them at all.

Then I came across the Adonis Index.

I was surprised and amazed by the results. I never had so much muscle mass and such a muscle definition before.

It’s not about any special magic food or ingredient in the supplement. It’s about a quality workout program that can also make you more knowledgeable so you won’t fall for every marketing trap and bad advertising.

Get the Adonis Index program, it’s worth it and it’s the best.

Listen to Kidafi’s interview here: Consistency is the Key To Building Muscle and Staying Lean and About the Adonis Physique You Should Aim for, with Kidafi Byer

Get the workout plan Kidafi used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

I Can Finally Take Off My Shirt at a Pool Party


I always thought I was in a good shape, well at least for my age. I even bragged about it. I was in better shape than all my peers at 48. I looked good in clothes and always have since high school.

However until the Adonis program I would not have been caught with my shirt off. I didn’t realized how I really look without my shirt off.

I was always lifting some weights, but with no purpose or structured plan. I did some dieting and running to keep healthy, but I didn’t know how to get super lean. I had no real starting point or end goal. Neither did I have any plan or structured workout program till a good friend of mine named told me about the Adonis Index. He took my measurements and only then I realized that I’m really not in such a great shape I thought I am.

In the past I have never been able to confidently remove my shirt while at a pool party. I always wore a shirt in the pool, pathetic I know, but I was embarrassed without it.

Adonis Index really changed my life.

Listen to Leo’s interview here: How to Look 20 Years Younger

Get the workout plan Leo used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

It’s Never Too Late, Anyone Can Be Ripped

I had ice cream at least two or three times a week, I ate cake all the time.

If you follow the Adonis Index workouts exactly as they are written you will build a great body just like I did. If on the other hand you don’t believe you can look like me, then you are wrong. I was talking to somebody the other day and at Christmas party, I mention I work out a lot and I just went on the Adonis Index website to show him the picture and his response to me was like “ that’s amazing but I can never look like that, I could never get myself to be that lean, you must have always been lean” and that is the furthest thing from the truth.

I was never a guy who had a six pack, I never had abs always have a little bit a flop around the belly and I consider myself I was a husky guy.

Adonis Index workout will help you get ripped and I mean ripped like shirt off big ripped, not just shirt on big.

Maybe you are skeptical. I was too, but the fact that a guy who is 42 years old can go to a gym and in less than 12 months period, completely transform not only the way he looks but also how strong he is, means that everybody can do it. It’s never too late, you can always make a change in yourself.

Listen to Mark’s interview here: 42 Years Old and RIPPED

Get the workout plan Mark used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Best Shape of My Life at the Age of 40

Before I stumbled upon Adonis Index program I was already working out for a while, but I was overweight and have never seen my abs. I’ve just never gotten to that leanness where you can see your muscle definition.

I was never satisfied with my look, but I was afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and losing the fat I had on my hard-built muscles.

I had no clue what being in shape means, but basically I set a goal of looking like a fitness magazine cover model in my 40s.

With Adonis Index program I managed to slim down and keep the muscle, hell I even put more muscle on WHILE I WAS DIETING. That is crazy; I never thought that would be possible before.

In the Adonis Index system John broke it down and said it’s just math, he made it simple, put it into easy to follow step-by-step system anybody can apply to their own lifestyle situation. Looking back now, I could have saved myself lot of frustration and years of looking terrible. Adonis Index program helped me transform my body into an amazing and ripped shape.

And if I can do it at the age of 40 with two kids and work, then anybody can do it too!

Listen to Mike’s interview here: How Protein Bars Kept Him from Losing Fat

Get the workout plan Mike used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

True Ectomorph Got Ripped like Brad Pitt from Fight Club

Before doing the Adonis Index program I was having a lot of depression and lot of times it came from nowhere. I tried everything you can think of, but nothing worked. I don’t know why, but doing the program helped me to get over it.

I have done a lot of work. I have no more depression and that has been a big issue for me. I’m satisfied with the way I look, I’m relaxed, I don’t get angry anymore, I’m calmer and feel really feel great and happy.

The Adonis Index program is very simple and easy to follow. People think that just because it’s simple it can’t be true, but it is, just test it out. I did and got great results.

I believe in the Adonis Index now. At first I didn’t have any faith, but I tried it and ever since I did life is great.

Listen to Pierre’s interview here: Satisfaction With Your Body Starts With the Right Goals

Get the workout plan Pierre used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Guys Expect Leadership, Girls Are More Forward

Every time you get something handled, you become more self-sufficient and more of an alpha male. Now people expect advice from me and look at me for leadership. You become the go-to person in a lot of ways.

Other thing is that if you want to hang out with or around good looking girls you need to look good too. Women are more forward to me, because they like what they see.

Girls understand what it takes to get in shape and if you are not willing to make that effort then you will end up with somebody you don’t want.

And you don’t have to spend your life in the gym. I thought I will have to spend most of my day in a gym. Sometimes more can be achieved with less, if you know what you are doing. The workout structure is the key.

Adonis Index workout has simplified my life and made it a lot easier. It has been freeing in a lot of ways since I started training with this system.

Listen to Rich’s interview here: The Adonis Effect – True Accounts With Rich Sigona

Get the workout plan Rich used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Six Months Were Enough to Get to the Best Shape of My Life

I always thought you must do some insane stuff to get to cover model or Hollywood action movie star shape, but it turned out to be pretty simple stuff. It is doable, which is kind of shocking news to me.

The Adonis Index program was completely different compared to anything I have read in the past, it was refreshing to have somebody who was not BSing me.

With Adonis Index I didn’t have to do any extra cardio, I could just focus on building muscle for a few hours a week and that was it, really.

I don’t want to spend any extra time dealing with this kind of stuff than I really need to, because I am travelling a lot and when I finally am at home I want to spend time with my two kids and my wife.

Now I realize that I was just couple of months out of a cover model body, but I never knew that, because it was all covered with fat.

The difference compared to other programs I used in the past is that this will help you in the long shot and that is important, because this is the part of your life you can sustain of your life.

You can be in a killer shape for the rest of your life.

Listen to Ryan’s interview here: Contest Winner Shares His Best Tips & Tricks

Get the workout plan Ryan used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

I Turned 49 and I’m in the Best Shape of My Life!

I always wanted to get bigger. I started working out, read all the magazines and followed their advice, believing everything they said. However, I never get to that cover model body I saw on the pictures.

Then one day I stumbled upon the Adonis Index. And this showed to be a pretty interesting concept. I love art, so the idea of focusing on proportions, calculating your ideals and building a specific shape was amazing.

I finally started understanding that it’s not about being big, but looking big and that’s quite a big difference. It was clear to me that I shouldn’t aim to be 200 pounds, because guys that weight that much are either extremely tall genetic freaks, fat or are on some kind of drugs.

I followed the Adonis Index workouts and its diet protocols and the results were just astonishing. I really believe in the Adonis Index, I even started teaching it to my 17 year old son.

I’m glad I found the Adonis Index, because I have the body I always wanted.

Listen to Shan’s interview here: Do You Want to Be 200 Pounds?

Get the workout plan Shan used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Adonis Index Uses Same Concept I Use to Develop Software

I’ve finally decided to get in shape and lose some weight. I started eating so called “healthy”. You know, the way that everybody is telling you should eat.

Long story short, I felt and looked the same afterwards. “Eating healthy” did exactly nothing for me.

Then I found Adonis Index that was simple and all about metrics and ratios. And what really cough my eye was that they used the concept of golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence to come up an ideal body shape and workouts to help you build it.

When I stumbled across the Adonis Index, it was an epiphany, because somebody actually quantified and put some science around the concept of aesthetics, took concepts I knew from technology development and applied on building a body shape.

I changed everything I was doing, calculated my ideal metrics based on the Adonis Index system and started following the workouts ASAP.

Listen to Vivek’s interview here: Golden Ratio Is the Key to Building an Ideal Body Shape and 9 Pounds Muscle Gain Since His Last Contest

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Lost 15lbs, Gained 1.5 Inches on My Shoulders, AI Score 1.5 and Rising

I have breached the “inner circle” at my gym.

…And now people are coming up to me and asking for advice on their programs.

They now see me as an expert, an authority.

I’ve become a true believer in your system.

Listen to Ron’s interview here: Change Your Body and Change Your Life

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“Damn, Dude. You’ve Gotten So Much Bigger Since the Last Time I Saw You.”

Replacing the feeling of inferiority, a sense of superiority has manifested itself and become part of my life.

I used to hope that I would be on the shirts team for basketball in scrimmages.

Now, I love playing skins.

Listen to Andrew’s interview here: Finding Your Motivation Interview With Andrew Scott

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It’s Like This Program Was Built Just for Me – Dropped 16lbs and Gained 2 inches on My Chest

In the past I tried “bulking up”, but I could never tone down and get rid of the at.

…I was starting to give up.

Since doing this program, I look great. Scratch that – I look freakin’ awesome.

Long live the Adonis Effect!

Listen to Tristan’s interview here: Changing Your Look Changes Your Game

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Finally a Program That Will Get You in Shape

I have always stayed in decent shape due to my job (farming) and I have done martial arts most of my life as well as having an active lifestyle. As I was approaching a 300# squat, I starting re-thinking what I really wanted to accomplish. I realized my goal was not leading me in a useful direction, and that what I really wanted was to look good. This eventually led me to AI and its philosophy.

I stayed completely with the AI 3.0 program. From listening to the podcasts and interviews, I realized this was the best way and had no desire to try anything else.

I really enjoy working out with Adonis Index. I committed myself to doing the workouts as written and I didn’t miss a single one of them, even though this meant doing them at 10:00 at night to work around my hectic harvest schedule.

The diet part of this program is really freeing in a lot of ways and helped me understand that simple is better. Before Adonis Index system I have tried a lot, you name it and I did it, all the usual six meals a day, high protein and no junk food and I just found that I couldn’t do it. Now, I came to definitely appreciate food and stop doing all of this crap.

This is really a good system that I know I can and will follow for the rest of my life.

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If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

In the past 5 years, life has been a combination of the greatest joy coupled with the greatest of suffering.  My wife and I have 5-year old quadruplet children (3 boys / 1 girl).

Two years ago, my third son was diagnosed with Leukemia.  As a result of our unique family situation, medical bills, and a down economy; I juggle 4 careers at the same time.  I am full-time Real Estate Agent. I work full time at a church inSouthern California.  I am an actor, and I am university consultant.  I consistently work 80+ hours a week, I find time for my family, yet was able to lose over 60 pounds and maintain it through the AI Transformation Contest for a total of 8 months.

The AI system is not simply body transforming, it is life transforming. I thought that my age and the unique stresses of my life had condemned me to stomach problems, neck problems, painful knees, and size 38 jeans for the rest of my life.

Last week, someone said I look 18.  I don’t think I look 18, but I certainly feel 18.

Thank you John and Brad.

Listen to Phil’s interview here: The Most Powerful Adonis Transformation Story Yet

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Bulking Is Dead, Here’s Proof

I was stressed about the final photos; I wanted to show up at my best. I found a way to fit the photoshoot into my schedule and in my opinion the pictures look awesome.

Other people think I’ve always looked like this and that I’m naturally lean, which is not true, at one point I was over 100 kilos.

The truth is that you have to keep going and keep losing fat, even once it starts to feel uncomfortable, the body will adjust. I’m so glad I’ve invested in the Adonis Index workout and entered the contest. It’s turned out to be great and I love the pictures.

The workouts are really amazing. It was so cool to just open the pages and follow it as written. I liked the variety and the timing of the program; it meant that I never got bored. I will always be grateful for the knowledge and experience I gained during my workouts with Adonis Index. Now I have AI, I won’t be looking at other programs, it’s just about what is the next plan that will get me closer to the Adonis Index ratio goal.

Listen to the interview with Ross here: Gain Muscle and Stay Lean

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I Squatted 396 Pounds & Ranked 2nd in in Race Walking in the UK, Now I’m Training with Adonis Index

I have kind of powerlifting and also an Endurance background. In the past I raced Iron man triathlon, Duathlon and Race-walking and was successful. In Race walking I raked number 2 in GB. Despite all this I was always a bit unsatisfied with my body, because it just didn’t look the way I wanted. I didn’t have any muscle on my upper body and had just well-developed legs.

I started searching for a solution on the web and some muscle gaining workout programs. After many hours of searching I finally found something, it was called the Adonis Index.

Training with Adonis Index was and is an amazing experience. For example I’ve never had people in the gym walking up to me and complimenting me on my look and asking what I was doing.

I even had a gym manager walking up to me and asking me about my workout. And when I told him that it was Adonis Index, he immediately went to buy it. I have people regularly telling me that I’m really muscular and lean, everybody wants to know my secret.

Well, my secret is that I follow the Adonis Index workouts and their diet approach as well.

Many thanks for developing the Adonis Index program. My body has never felt and looked so great.

Listen to the interview with Carl here: Squatted 396 Pounds at the Age of 14, Now Trains with Adonis Index

Single Dad with Two Daughters Get’s Jacked

I could look at this as a twelve week transformation but for me it really has been a nonstop improvement since the day I got myself a copy of the Adonis Index program. So for about the last six months I have had a dedication that I could have never had without the Adonis Index plan and community that proved to me that this path would lead me to success.

This has been a transformation of mind, body and education. I have learned so much about the way my body reacts to foods, calories and training. I am looking forward to the rest of my life with the knowledge and body that I am taking forward.

And my girlfriend loves my new body!

Thanks you guys for this opportunity you gave in my life and I look forward to my increasing AI score and improving my look with your workouts.

Listen to the interview with Adam here: 6-Month Journey to Cover Model Body with Adam Murphy

Get the workout plan Adam used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

“Thanks for Creating Such an Amazing Program”

I want to make it clear that the contest and the results from following the Adonis Index have been simply amazing.

I decided to join the contest, put my knowledge and experiences to the test, and to trust that Adonis Index would help me achieve what I wanted and get me my dream body.

The result was an undeniable success, to me.

Adonis Index not only helped me to get lean so that I discovered the great physique I had, but Adonis Index also helped me to do that while planning and organizing my upcoming wedding, moving into a new career field, and maintaining my normal social life!

How can I thank the guys more?!

Using the principles of Adonis Index let me make my transformation look easy to everyone around me, which was wonderful. I enjoyed my normal social life without concern about what I ate. I also, most importantly, was able to never once miss a tasting or venue show with my fiancé, we both really appreciated that. I savored and indulged in all of the foods and desserts that were available at the events without stress or worry because I knew that both the foods were not “bad” and my work around the events would do the job of losing fat.

It was amazing!

Listen to the interview with Rob here: Two jobs & Wedding Planning – Excuse or Opportunity for Transformation?

Get the workout plan Rob used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

“Finally a Program that Makes Sense!”

I first found the Adonis Index program online a couple of years ago but was already engaged in another
workout program. Looking back, I realize that at that time I was still caught up in searching the internet
for the better, more-efficient, more rewarding way of working out. I stuck with the program I was doing
but followed along with the podcasts long enough to figure out that the Adonis concepts and the
philosophies behind reaching the Adonis Index made sense. I felt relieved and enlightened when I was
able to finally comprehend that I simply needed to work harder in the gym with a good program in order
to build muscle and that I needed to eat less than I was burning to lose fat. For the previous few years, I
had become more and more confused by fitness marketers’ programs that asked me to eat more of this
and that at various times for various reasons.

I saw significant changes in the composition of my body throughout those first 14 weeks

The program has been rewarding as I have seen my body move towards the shape I wanted but for
years did not know how to achieve. The cycles are enjoyable and appreciate not having to think about
what I’m going to do at the gym- I just show up and work the plan already provided.

Listen to the interview with Jeremy here: Can You Build Muscle without Eating Meat?

Get the workout plan Jeremy used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

“The First Fitness Programs that Worked for Me, And Last I Will Ever Try…”

I found the Adonis index site a while ago, but didn’t buy the program until last summer.

Before that I had a long journey going through different fitness programs, but I think I finally found what works best for me (…yours).

The first time I was searching the web for muscle building I found the “No Nonsense” fitness course.

The writing was so convincing that I believed every word he said and I did the whole 6 meals a day, high protein, high calories “bulking” approach.

By the time when summer came I realized that I actually didn’t look at all how I wanted. I had built some muscle yes, but I also was quite pudgy and the muscle that I had built didn’t really look very proportionate.

Frustrated I was searching the web again for a look that was more what I wanted and eventually Adonis index.

From that moment my view on “getting in shape” thankfully changed.

I picked up the AI workouts. I started with the MBF and since January I’ve been doing the regular AI 3 workouts. I really love the flow of the program and as I’m not stressing so much about food and what to eat anymore, I everything seems to be a lot easier to maintain.

I’m really happy with my look at the moment but I definitely want to keep going till my shoulders are golden and I have the perfect AI ratio!

Listen to the interview with Johannes here: Why Weight Lifting Is Just Like Playing Music

Get the workout plan Johannes used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Former Special Forces Joins Adonis Index

I’m a former military and also went through a pretty intense training in special forces. So, I’m confident to say that my conditioning and level of fitness is pretty good.

After getting out of the Army I kept on training like I was still there, but what I didn’t realize was that I didn’t need to be able to run marathons or carry a heavy bad for several days.

It really wasn’t until I found Adonis Index that I got clear on my goals and understood that I train only to look good and it’s okay to admit this to myself.

After going through all the materials I’ve decided to delete all the other fitness products and unsubscribe form all the other so called fitness “experts” and give this new program an honest try.

And the results are amazing, I never thought I could look like this.

I can safely say now that not only have I got back the body I had ten years ago – at my peak ‘fitness’ – but a BETTER LOOKING body! As it is now proportioned not just ‘functional’.

Sure, these days I would find it harder to carry a heavy pack for 30km, but who cares? I don’t NEED to, lol.

And that is something I struggled with a long time with my training after the army – still training for function: a function I was no longer required to perform. So pleased I’ve found AI and learned about the concepts.

I signed up for immersion and don’t feel I’ll ever look back.

Listen to the interview with Pete here: Former Special Forces Officer Admits He Just Wants to Look Good

Get the workout plan Pete used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System

Are You Satisfied with Your Body?

In the past I got really heavy, but even when I lost the weight, I still wasn’t happy with my shape until I found Adonis Index that helped me develop that physique I was really after.

My experience was very enjoyable. I’m super proud of my results. I got to enjoy all the foods I like, added some lean mass, lost fat and even gained endurance.

The forum was the biggest motivation for me, especially at the beginning when I needed it the most, I encourage everyone to get in there.

Listen to the interview with Lester here: Are You Satisfied with Your Body Shape?

Get the workout plan Lester used to get in this shape: Main Adonis Index System


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