Fat Burning Supplements – Do They “Work”?

Walk into any health food shop and you’ll find an entire section of “fat burners” and weight loss supplements.

It’s clear that these products sell, but do they “work”?

The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than a simple yes/no. You’ve got to take into account the claims on the supplement, the research that supports those claims, the researchers that did the work, what the government regulators have to say about it, what the insurance companies will insure, and where the research dollars come from that support the fat burning claims being made.

Fat burners and weight loss supplements are big business.

I’m talking billions of dollars big.

Whenever there is this kind of money on the line the answers are never simple.

In this podcast I try to give you a good look at the ‘fat burners’ side of the supplement industry and which fat burners (if any) are worth taking.

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