How To Build Muscle And Social Dominance At The Same Time

There are many people who may not be familiar with the idea of social dominance and how it relates to our physical bodies.  But the idea of the ideal male physique and how people who have cultivated this can become leaders in not only their social spheres, but in business and industry as well. Let’s look at some the ways in which muscle building can and does help us achieve these goals. 

Most guys enter the arena of muscle building with the vague idea of getting as big and powerful as possible with the mistaken notion that this will not only make them more attractive to the opposite sex, but will help them health-wise as well. Well, getting strong can have some beneficial health effects, but the idea that a shirt-ripping overblown chest and biceps will send women flocking to your front door is not only wrong, but can have the opposite effect. Studies have shown that what women have found as the irresistible male form through the ages is the classic “V” shape, one that is defined by a strong set of shoulders, tapering down to a trim waistline, with a well-defined chest and midsection in between. This has been the standard of classical artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci and more, and they have used this as a model for their great works of art. There’s a reason for that, and even the ancients knew it! 

There is a mathematical equation relating to this form, and it is known as the “Golden Ratio”.  It is expressed mathematically as 1:1:618 and has been used both in art as well as architecture. It even shows up in some of the processes of nature. Evidently nature has a formula for perfection as well! 

As far as social dominance is concerned, we’ve all seen instances where this has played out before our eyes. Who hasn’t noticed the guy who walks into a room, possessing all the above characteristics, looking great, with an aura of confidence surrounding his every move. Heads turn, eyes drool, women stir and men defer as this guy is given all the attention. He is given the benefit of the doubt, whether he deserves it or not, and will be given the chance to succeed or fail first, before anyone else. This may not be fair, but it is the way of the world we live in. 

I built the Adonis Index workout to develop both your body and your social dominance. It aims for developing an exact set of measurements that will deliver this classic form to any man, depending on his height. It meets every man where he is, and if followed, will deliver up the kind of ideal male form we’ve been talking about and that you desire!



A Soap Opera Audition?

Ridiculous… at least that’s what I thought.

You’re about to here the story of how I was almost bamboozled into doing a “test” for a soap opera… all from the power of the Adonis Effect.

(Have proof, just ask John B… he was THERE)

You see, John and I were at a business seminar about 2 months ago. We finished up with the seminar stuff and happily strolled down to the bar to get a drink (or what ended up being 2 bottles of Dom P).

When we got there, we plopped down at the bar, ordered a few beers, and started talking shop.

Then, out of nowhere, I noticed a well dressed older lady. As she was talking on her cell phone… I overheard someone singing “Happy Birthday” to her.


Now, if you know me… all I need is a “little bitty” reason to have a good time in any environment.

So, when our new friend got off the phone, I chatted her up, wished her a happy birthday and got her a drink.

The funny thing is… come to find out that this lady was a talent evaluator/trainer for a lot of TV shows… and she herself had been on one of the soaps for a few years as well.

(If you watch soaps, you’d likely recognize her)

So, somehow, we get talking about the Adonis Effect and how John and Brad did the research… blah, blah…

… and I shit you not, this lady looks at me and goes…

“So, have you ever thought about being in a soap opera?”

“Not really, why do you ask?”

“Well, I can go ahead and tell you that you’ve got the ‘look’ that those guys are looking for… in shape… you obviously practice what you preach.”

I’ll be honest, that was a little weird for me… especially since I’m not quite “perfect” yet (but almost there).

But she was serious.

Anyway, I changed the subject and told her that if she went upstairs and changed into her “party dress” (she was planning on going out later with a few friends)… that when she same back down, I’d have the whole bar give her a standing ovation for her birthday…

(Get a beer or two in me… geez)

I run to the bathroom and as I’m relieving myself… my phone rings.

It’s her, she’s already at the bar.


So, I zip up and bolt out of the bathroom and come up with another plan… let’s just have a mini party in the bar.

Now, if you’ve never send someone “Bill Clinton” a room, you might not be able to visualize this… but like a sandstorm… I went from person to person and invited them to come over and wish our new friend a “Happy Birthday” (and network with some pretty high rollers that I had already invited over).

And so it begin… what started out as 10 people went to 20 people, and 20 went to 40…

… and our new “soap” friend was so elated to be having a “birthday party” when she was out of town on business…

… that she sprung for 2 bottles of Dom P.


Now, I’m just walking through the crowd, making sure people are meeting people and having fun when I hear…

“Adonis, Adonis… where’s Adonis?”

Ha, ha… here I am trying to avoid the spotlight and let our friend have her moment in the sun… when… like a electromagnet… she kept pulling me back into the spotlight.

Needless to say, John and I met a lot of great people that night and there are a few that’s we’ll do business with.

However, I guess the moral of the story is this:

It’s your TOTAL PACKAGE that gets you results.

In this scenario, my body and my social status boosting networking ability plus my focus on giving to the situation set us up for a fun night.

So, there you go… just one more true story of how the Adonis Effect can help you succeed socially and financially.

(Oh, and you can visit our “Soap” friend’s website here… as proof 🙂 )