You’re Fit For A Reason: Interview w/ AT-13 Winner Stuart Barton

Here’s your latest interview with one of the winners from the 13th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.   Scroll down to read  how the Adonis Golden Ratio System enabled Stuart to become “fit for a reason.”

But first, check out his  AT13 Pictures:

Stuart Barton - AT13 - 1st Place - Front Before/After Photos

Stuart Barton – AT13 – 1st Place – Front Before/After Photos


Stuart Barton – AT13 – 1st Place – Transformation Image


Stuart Barton - AT13 - 1st Place - Transformation Image

Stuart Barton – AT13 – 1st Place – Transformation Image



Stuart Barton - AT13 - 1st Place - Side Before/After Photos

Stuart Barton – AT13 – 1st Place – Side Before/After Photos


Stuart Barton - AT13 - 1st Place - Back Before/After Photos

Stuart Barton – AT13 – 1st Place – Back Before/After Photos

Stuart’s Transformation Interview:

1- What workout or nutrition routine did you do before Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) System? What kind of results did you get?  

I used to workout quite often and hardcore. My workouts were based in crossfit and kettle bell training. I had a trainer for a short while to help me master the 300 workout! Then life happens, girls happen and you question what’s it all for? 

Nevertheless, it had been almost 3 years since I’ve gone to the gym. My job in construction is quite physical anyway, and I ate ‘healthy’ but I never new about how important calories were.  So I was fit and strong for my size, I could perform amazing physical feats but never looked as lean as I always wanted to.

2- How did you find out about AGR?

I can’t really remember. I had joined up to Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximizer program but had never really taken it on board. Found it wasn’t what I needed to really connect with me. So either through association with John Barban or searching the web, I came across AGR.

3- What was most appealing to you about AGR?

The fact that it used the scientific/mathematical approach of physical dimensions and a program catered to me and my dimensions personally. The AGR system was very progressive; as your dimensions changed regularly you were able to adjust using the nutrition calculator and set new calorie goals each week.

4- Were there any concepts or approaches you were skeptical about?

No not really! Everything was explained logically and backed by science. So it made sense. The only thing I really wondered about was the workouts’ choice of exercises.

They didn’t seem to focus on abs or chest as much. Especially abs. It was a well rounded routine that focused on everything so I wondered if I would actually get a six-pack. But what I read elsewhere on the site was to just trust them. The exercises and the order of them have been carefully chosen. They were right!

5- When did you decide to jump on board full fledge with AGR?


I bought the program in September 2013 but didn’t do anything until about 5-6 months later when contest AT13 was announced.

I had to make sure my life circumstances were best suited to focus on the 3 month program so I wouldn’t be taken away with trips and other distractions. I purchased  my needed supplements, stored my AGR pdf printouts in a binder so I could read them and also take the workout with me to the gym.

 6- When did you first decide to enter an Adonis Transformation (AT) contest?

I was getting ready to start the program and read about the contest and thought it was a great motivator for me to really get into it and nail it. An extra incentive to stick with it.

7- What was your experience going through the AT contest? Challenges that came up? Things you didn’t expect?

Oh boy! 🙂 It was harder than I imagined. The workout was fine, no problem. But the nutrition! It’s all about the food! I found I felt like I was starving sometimes.

 Mainly late afternoon and at night. The hunger pain! I can’t sleep on an empty stomach so it was torture for me during those moments.   I had just gotten used to eating whatever I wanted whenever I felt hungry. So I learned that EVERYONE is overeating.  And I learned vegetables, vegetables, vegetables! We don’t need that much meat. Next time I will definitely incorporate “cheat” days.

8- How did people react to your transformation? Positives and negatives (if any).

Everyone thought I was fine and nothing wrong with me. Although they didn’t see me without a shirt. But when they saw the before and after pics they all were impressed. Blown away!

My cousin saw me without a shirt near the end of the contest and said I looked like a Marvel hero with all these veins and shredded muscles.

 The guy behind the counter at the gym called me ‘Shredder’! A number of people noticed my arms and said that the veins looked crazy!   A friend of mine, a married mother of 2 in her twenties really was striving for the “Female Fitness Model” look. She already was in great shape mind you! But she does a lot of cardio workouts and running and not really seeing the results she wanted. So she trusted my advice and now she’s hitting the Venus Factor program!   My older sister though said I looked too skinny.

 9- How do you react to the “Brand New” you? Have you noticed changes in your outlook and attitude in general.

I was very happy with the result but I thought I could be better. But I am a bit of a perfectionist. My view? I’m a lot more conscious of what I eat now and always will be. Veggies with a bit of meat. And now it’s my duty to inform people that what you eat and how much is SO important.

 Because they don’t know. They try everything! But guaranteed it’s the diet letting them down.  I had always sort of subconsciously evaluated myself and others by the condition their body was in. But without being too sure or vocal. Plus it’s a little shallow I know or just unfair/unkind.   But now it has been set in concrete. Based on science: calories in=calories out. And having gone through it myself.  My view is you can’t judge a book by its cover but you can judge a person by their body. We are a result of our choices.  And those choices may be hard, or easy… 

 Eat what you want or eat what you should?

‘You’re fat for a reason’ or ‘You’re fit for a reason.’

Which one will you choose?


Editor’s Note:

Hey Stuart,

Glad to know that contest AT13 was able to help you re-define your motivation for working out.  

I really liked your closing thoughts where you mentioned: 

“You’re fat for a reason’ or ‘You’re fit for a reason.”

You also  touched on a lot of  key points which are the “Essence of Adonis.”  For example, most people are looking for the magic pill when it comes to weight loss, when there is already a magic formula… Calories In = Calories Out.  I appreciate your openness  about how you suffered some occasional hunger pangs as your body began to transform.  

That is something I believe others should know and expect along their transformational journey.  Sounds like your body acclimated to the new caloric goals you set for yourself, but indeed there will always be resistance when striving for something greater.

Very happy to learn that you faithfully applied the principles and gained some amazing results!  

your brother in Iron,

Change or Remain the Same: Interview w/ AT-12 Winner Richard Geary

Here’s the latest post with one of the winners from the 12th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Richard is definitely “A man on a mission.” With an active lifestyle involving work, family, and coaching it’s needless to say that his time is very valuable to him.

However, Richard explains how his workouts were driving him insane!

Scroll down to read  about how the Adonis Golden Ratio system helped Richard get his “Workout Sanity” back, but first, check out his  AT12 Pictures:

Richard Geary - AT 12 - 8th Place - Front Before/After Photos

Richard Geary – AT12 – 8th Place – Front Before/After Photos


Richard Geary - AT12 - 8th Place - Transformation Image

Richard Geary – AT12 – 8th Place – Transformation Image


Richard Geary - 8th Place - Side Before/After Photos

Richard Geary – 8th Place – Side Before/After Photos


Richard Geary - 8th Place - Back Before/After Photos

Richard Geary – 8th Place – Back Before/After Photos


Richard’s Transformation Essay:

I bought the Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) system looking for a program that “fit” into my lifestyle.  I consider myself a family man,  having been married for 16 years with 3 children. I also coach multiple  traveling sport teams in addition to the “occupational travel” for my sales job.
I like to work out, but have been stuck in a “rut” doing the same things and expecting my body to change.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
So I guess you could say I was going insane when I bought the program. What I found with the AGR system is that it delivered above and beyond my expectations. This system allows me to be able to get in and out of the gym quickly and efficiently.
I can access all the content from my smartphone which is ideal for how mobile I am. The nutrition program has guided me to what my body needs to stay lean.  No doubt, the diet is the most important part of the program.  It takes discipline and persistence.
The workouts started out very challenging with a bunch of exercises I had never done before. I was skeptical at first, but was able to maintain size even though I lost inches in my waist.
I am still working toward my ideal Adonis Golden Ratio measurements, but I believe I will achieve that goal soon. With multiple programs to give variety, along with a final phase program, you have given me the tools I need to FINALLY succeed.
Thanks for making a great program!

Editor’s Note:

Hey Richard,

I enjoyed hearing that in your active lifestyle, you still placed a priority on working out.  Glad to know that you stayed the course and hung on long enough to overcome the frustrations of not seeing results until you were able to discover AGR. You provided some very valuable feedback on how you have made the AGR system “fit” into your lifestyle and were happy to hear you’ve had such a positive experience.  Enjoy the journey and keep pushing towards your “Golden” A.I. measurements.  Congratulations on your transformation! 

your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Transformation Coach

Re-Birth: Interview w/ AT-12 Winner Tyson Harker

Here’s the latest post with one of the winners from the 12th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Along contest AT-12 life threw a very interesting curve ball at Tyson.  As he was striving for the birth/transformation of his  “brand-new physique” he was also accompanied with a new addition to the family.  Nevertheless, Tyson continued the challenge and overcame the countless sleepless nights and many other “time-consuming” activities that come with raising a “new-born.”  He not only successfully completed the 12 week challenge, he actually saw some dramatic results!

Scroll down to read  Tyson’s transformation essay in his own words, but first, check out his  AT12 Pictures:

Tyson Harker - AT 12-  9th Place - Front Before/After Photos

Tyson Harker – AT 12 – 9th Place – Front Before/After Photos

Tyson Harker - - AT12 - 9th Place - Transformation Image

Tyson Harker – AT12 – 9th Place – Transformation Image

Tyson Harker -  AT12 - 9th Place - Side Before/After Photos

Tyson Harker – AT12 – 9th Place – Side Before/After Photos

Tyson Harker - AT12 - 9th Place - Back Before/After Photos

Tyson Harker – AT12 – 9th Place – Back Before/After Photos


Tyson’s Transformation Essay:

This contest  proved to be a very interesting 12 weeks in my life. My wife and I welcomed a new member into our family in July and we were still in the throws of sleeplessness during the beginning of AT12.? There were times I questioned why I started a contest under such duress but I never skipped a workout and continued to push through the tiredness. Eventually the nights got better and my workouts got stronger.? My workouts consisted of Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) Category 3 training with AGR Category 1 nutrition guidelines. It was a mix that I felt proved to be quite successful. After all AGR is all about adaption right?

I followed the Reverse Taper Diet (RTD) throughout the course of the contest and was amazing at the simplicity of it and its overall effectiveness.? A big take-away I learned was to eat for the week and not the day. I feel like this was my biggest catalyst for success as I was able to plan my weekends for social events and times with my family knowing that during the week I could be strict with my diet. When I did this, the weight and inches fell off.

I look in the mirror and for the first time in years of training, I can actually see a difference. My shoulders are wider, my waist is smaller and I feel I actually look “good”. The biggest pay-off has been in the way my clothes fit. There is just something “rewarding”  about putting on a pair of pants that doesn’t quite fit like they used to.


Editor’s Note:

Hey Tyson,

Major kudos to you for completing contest AT-12. Also, congratulations on the new addition to your family. You had plenty of reasons to “bow out” with all do reason.  But you chose to stay the course. Another great example of one’s will and desire to improve.  It reminds me of a quote, “Change is inevitable, progress is optional.”  Thanks for raising the bar one step higher in the “AGR community” and being an “excuse-eliminator.”

your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Transformation Coach

Plan the Work & Work the Plan: Interview w/ AT-12 Winner Tyler Ellis

Here’s the latest post with one of the winners from the 12th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Before Tyler discovered AGR he was diligently gathering the  “transformation tools for success.”   If we were to look in his kit bag we would find familiar items referenced by previous transformation winners such as: determination, motivation, momentum, goal-setting, and most importantly PLANNING.

However it wasn’t until  the proper application of AGR that enabled Tyler to, “Plan the Work & Work the Plan.”

Scroll down to read  Tyler’s transformation essay in his own words, but first, check out his  AT12 Pictures:

Tyler Ellis-  - AT12 - 5th Place - Front Before/After Photos

Tyler Ellis- – AT12 – 5th Place – Front Before/After Photos


Tyler Ellis - AT12 - 5th Place - Transformation Image

Tyler Ellis – AT12 – 5th Place – Transformation Image


Tyler Ellis-  - AT12 - 5th Place - Side Before/After Photos

Tyler Ellis- – AT12 – 5th Place – Side Before/After Photos


Tyler Ellis-  - AT12 - 5th Place - Back Before/After Photos

Tyler Ellis- – AT12 – 5th Place – Back Before/After Photos


Tyler’s Transformation Essay:

Prior to discovering AGR I had tried various forms of dieting and fitness. From aimless lifting what I saw others lift and though I should be lifting to the whole P-90X craze. I tried bulking, I tried eating only “health” foods. But it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the AGR that everything just fell into place. It literally was the answer to what I had been looking for so long.

When I discovered AGR back in March of 2013, I was horribly out of shape at the time. At 6’1” I was 235lbs and had a 42-inch waist. When I input my measurements into the RTD calculator I got the dreaded 1,000-calorie suggestion. Only eating 1,000 calories a day took a lot of effort to stay on course. I started AGR Category 2: Fat Loss and used intermittent fasting to help accelerate my fat loss.

I had never even considered the concept of fasting before. But after reading Eat Stop Eat I felt as though this would be another valuable tool to use. After only two weeks of  AGR Category 2 and eating 7000 calories a week, my calories intake started to go up. And after 12 weeks, I was down 40lbs to 195 and my waist was down around a 35″-36″. I was finally back to what I had considered lean in time for the summer.

Through the summer I maintained. I hovered around 195-205. I had various events going on like my 3 week National Guard Annual Training in August that prevented me from really utilizing the RTD and working out for periods of time. When I returned I immediately started back on the workouts and staying disciplined in my eating.

I started AGR Category 3:Combined Muscle Gain & Fat Loss two weeks before the start of AT12 and when I saw the post for the up coming contest I figured this would be the opportunity to really push myself to a level I have never seen before. I took my before pictures on my own and weighed measured myself. I started at about 204 lbs with around a 36 in waist. I figured that 12 weeks I realistically get down to my golden waist and would probably end up in the 185 lbs range.

Looking at the next 12 weeks, I saw many milestones and potential roadblocks. Working two jobs and being a single father has always given me the easy excuse of “no time” to skip out on the gym. One job I work a rotating shift schedule that changes weekly to include 16 hr days. The other is my National Guard duty that I do once a month. Seeing this, I knew I needed to budget my time. I sat down and wrote out my schedule for the next 12 weeks.

For every day I inputted key events, Work/Overtime/Army/Gym/Run/Pick up daughter/Drop off daughter. I listed it all, day by day. This also included three key milestones evenly spaced throughout the twelve weeks for me to overcome. Sort of mini goals within the bigger goal. I also scheduled a DEXA scan at a local University that first weekend of the contest. This was amazing being able to see exactly what my body composition was. This also motivated me to really push towards my goals. It all looked realistically possible to get down to health body fat levels in the next 12 weeks.

The first month I was looking towards participating in my Battalions in house Air Assault tryouts. The main physical event for this was a 12-mile road march with a 35 lbs pack. This month, On top of my normal AGR Category 3 workouts I also added in leg boosters to try and build up strength to carry over in the road march. I also added in cardio in the form of running. When the event came, I was able to complete the road march in 2 hr and 35 min. The standard time is under 3 hrs. On top of this I was able to excel in the other events placing me as one of the top 5 candidates to get submitted for Air Assault School.

Mid Oct I was looking at running a 1/2 marathon. I continued to run after workouts and on my off days and continued to increase my miles. I also started the Arms and Abs booster to add in to my workouts. At this point the RTD and Adonis workouts were second nature and I felt as though I could focus on pushing myself on my running. I also noticed that my recovery time seemed to improve.

I could workout the same muscle group multiple times a week and not stay sore. When race day came I was able to run it in under my goal of 2 hrs. My official time was 1:44:14 with an average pace of 7:57 min per mile. I also finished in the top 10% of overall runners and even higher in my age division.

I finished up my Arms and Abs booster and moved on to adding in the Shoulder Booster. This may have been a contributing factor to bringing back and old injury. I had injured my left shoulder playing football in High School. I noticed that my shoulder progressively hurt more and more every day. Even just sitting and resting it was constantly sore. I kept doing the workouts. I tried real hard to listen to my body and do what I could without further aggravating my injury. I was still able to do all the workouts but I really had to focus on my form and drop the weight on some of my lifts.

The last milestone I anticipated to be my toughest yet. The Tough Mudder was the self-proclaimed “toughest event on the planet”. It was hailed to be a 10-12 mile mud run through 20+ military grade obstacles. However, after completing the 10.8-mile course on Nov 10th, I felt that it was somewhat….easy. Maybe it was overhyped. Or maybe my level of fitness was now at that level that this kind of event was considered easy to me. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. But one thing is certain. The former 235 lbs, out of shape, cigarette-smoking person I was 8 months ago probably could have not completed that.

I finished my  AGR Category 3 and shoulder booster workouts two weeks before the end of AT12. I was now down to a new level of leanness I have never seen before. Using the AT12 competition to motivate me, I was able to see my abs for the first time in my life and get my waist down to  32.25″. I was also down to 180lbs for my final weight on picture day.

I have not been this light since probably my junior year in High School. And I sure as hell was never this ripped or muscular then either. I have my after DEXA scan scheduled for this weekend and I cant wait to see the exact progress I have made over the last 12 weeks.


The Adonis Golden Ratio System is probably one of the most valuable assets I have added to my life. AGR has helped me to understand what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle as far as diet and fitness goes. The fact that it actually teaches you how to get yourself to a level of maintenance and stay there is probably one of the best features about this program.

This has also carried over into other areas of my life and I feel I have really grown in 2013. These events and other physical recreational activities that I have participated in this year, I would never have been able to enjoy had it not been for AI. I will never go back to any other diet or fitness program out there. AGR has everything I need and I look forward to using it in my journey to achieve my golden ratio of 1.618.


Editor’s Note:

Hey Tyler,

Wow! What an awesome  transformation and  insightful  testimonial you have.  I could definitely relate to your military background and thought process towards successfully completing all your goals and objectives in this 12-week transformation period.  I’m also happy to learn that your physical success realized through the AGR systems has transferred into other areas of your life as well. Way to “Stay The Course” my friend!

your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Transformation Coach

Hi-Cholesterol, YouTube, and The Adonis Effect: Interview with AT-12 Winner Jon McManus

Here’s your new interview with one of the winners from the 12th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

When backed into a corner, one has two choices fight or flea.  Jon chose to fight back and restore his health after learning that his cholesterol was three times above the normal limit.  He began to make changes in his diet and even began searching out fitness routines on YouTube.

It was on YouTube that Jon first learned of an interesting concept known as, “The Adonis Effect.”

Scroll down to read Jon’s transformation essay in his own words, but first, check out his  AT12 Pictures:

Jon McManus - AT12 3rd Place - Front Before/After Photos

Jon McManus – AT12 – 3rd Place – Front Before/After Photos


Jon McManus - AT12 - 3rd Place - Transformation Image

Jon McManus – AT12 – 3rd Place – Transformation Image


Jon McManus - AT12 - 3rd Place - Side Before/After Photos

Jon McManus – AT12 3rd Place – Side Before/After Photos



Jon’s Transformation Essay:

The clock struck twelve midnight, the start of a new year,2013 ,and I’m staring down the barrell of my fortieth year. Thoughts and notions have been playing in my mind for a while now. ” Jon your not getting any younger you need to get in shape”?  So I start to watch what I eat (a bit), exercise (a bit) etc…

Then around March, I go for a check up and have bloods taken,the results when I get them back shocked me! My cholesterol is nearly three times what it should be. This scared the crap out of me. Heart decease is in our family. This kicked my backside into gear. I cut out all the crap in my diet, and started earnestly excersizing.I started doing routines out of fitness magazines,surfed YouTube, this is when I came across Mike Chang.

I started following some of his workouts. Then one day on one of his vids. There is this big guy,well defined, highly ripped,guesting with mike(our one and only John Barban).

This guy is not only talking about lifting large weights but small weights also with higher reps to target all of the muscles. This really caught my attention. Until this point i had mainly heard lift big to get big!

Then John started talking about the Adonis affect…  I was really hooked now.  I went straight to the Adonis site that had been mentioned and joined up on the spot!

I have to say this is the smartest thing that I have ever done where my fitness is concerned! Boy, did this program ever deliver. The changes to my physique in just three weeks was amazing! There’s nothing like results that you can see, to drive you forward and spur you on!

Everything that the Adonis system promises it delivers.The support from the AI team, the design of the workouts the advise from the fellow AI brothers of Iron,it is all here to help build a body that will turn heads and have you feeling like the best thing since  sliced bread!! So to sum up….. for those looking for change, look no further…….Your home is here among  your brothers of Iron.

I want to say a big thank you, to all here….I am firmly on the road to the Golden Number 1.61


Editor’s Note:

Hey Jon,

Congratulation on a Amazing contest transformation.  It was interesting to learn how you discovered the AGR system.  I also discovered the AGR system in a similar way.  Glad to know that when the going got tough, you got going!  Taking control of your health choices and transforming your physique has been a huge inspiration to others.  Your transformation further solidifies that the Adonis Golden Ratio system delivers proven results to those who embrace the Adonis Lifestyle.

your brother in Iron,

Allen Elliott | Adonis Golden Ratio Ambassador

AT13 12-Week Transformation Winners Announced