Game On… Let The Content Flow

Week One Guide ==> Download Here

I’m gonna keep this one short… lots to do today… lol

Starting today, you can expect to see content everyday from now on out… here’s the schedule of events:

Mondays = Brad H’s Corner (Foundations)

Tuesdays = John Barban Speaks

Wednesdays = Weekly Podcast Release

Thursdays = Brad Pilon Drops Some Heat

Fridays = Marni’s Dating Corner

Saturday/Sunday = Bonus Content

Also, if you look to the right, you’ll find a “guide” to all of the content that’s gonna be available for the week, both here AND in the Adonis Lifestyle Membership area…

As we move along, I’ll flesh out this downloadable “magazine” into something with some auxillary substance… (starting next week).

Feel free to pass it among your friends.

Questions… comments… you know what to do.