Interview With Jason Haynes Part 2

This is the second part of our interview with Jason Haynes. We were covering a lot of interesting points about changing your body and perception so we just keep the original interview going. The interview ended up being far too long to fit into one podcast so here is the second half.

Nothing to be said, Jason's body is phenomenal.

I figured I’d put another pic of Jason up for you to see his phenomenal progress. If you need a comparison just go back to

Going through a transformation like Jason’s is rare. Many people will wish and dream it can happen to them but few people will actually take action and go for it.

Not all transformations will be as dramatic as Jason’s but the effect it will have on your mind/body/spirit will be just as potent. Anyone who has taken action and gone through a transformation contest (ours or someone else’s) or simply set a goal and went after it knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Going through transformation like this is always a body and mind experience, the world will never look quite the same, you’ll never feel quite the same, and people will see you different afterwards…and it’s all good!

It’s literally a new life.

You Gotta Go With the Flow

There are multiple levels of knowledge when it comes to any area of study. The major divide being the difference between understanding a theory and applied knowledge.

In the first case you could be well read and studied in a given field but without experience. In this case you may not have the full confidence in what you know to be true.

In the second case (applied knowledge) you both understand the theory and have applied it in a real life setting…this is the formula for building life long confidence and true wisdom.

In todays audio lesson we’ll be talking to the winner of the second Adonis Transformation contest Build category winner Deiderik Masure (aka DD).

DD will be sharing his experiences of the 12 week transformation and how he managed to win his category and what it takes to make a real change in your body.

DD relates how your diet and exercise routines are two separate things and will have their own ups and downs. Having a lousy day on one of them doesn’t mean it must also ruin the other.

One of the major lessons DD learned was that sometimes life is going to throw you a curve ball, but you just gotta go with it and the results will still come.