Naturalistic Fallacy and How to Find Experts

There are many self proclaimed ‘experts’ in the field of human health, nutrition, exercise and relationships. But how do you know if these people really know what they are talking about?

Credentials is at least a start but isn’t the only thing to look at. Do the experts practice what they preach? On the other hand are they preaching too much about too many things they couldn’t possibly know about?

It seems to be that so called experts start to preach about more things than they are capable of knowing and quickly revert to the naturalistic fallacy to explain concepts outside of their area of expertise.

In this podcast we’ll discuss how many people revert to the naturalistic fallacy as a way of explaining away things they just don’t understand about human nature/biology/psychology.

We’ll also talk about a practical way to tell if an ‘expert’ really knows what they are talking about or if they’re just full of hot air.