Gaining Weight vs Gaining Muscle

Gaining weight can be the result of adding muscle mass, fat mass, or water weight (in various forms).

Many guys who are interesting in ‘gaining weight’ are actually interested in ‘gaining muscle’ and they assume additional muscle will translate into a heavier bodyweight. But how do you know for sure how much muscle you can add to your body and how much weight you could possibly gain?

Factors to consider include:




Years of training experience

The genetic material of your body is the most basic starting point and will tell most of the story as to how much ‘weight’ and ‘muscle’ you can gain.

In this podcast we’ll discuss:

1. Weight gain vs muscle gain

2. Why anyone wants to gain weight in the first place

3. The difference between how you look with a shirt on vs with a shirt off

4. The relationship between how much you weigh and how you look at that weight

5. The normal fluctuations you can experience in bodyweight on a day to day basis.