What is Adonis Coaching and Who is it for?

As we prepare for another exciting Adonis Transformation Contest year in 2016, I wanted to take a moment to explain how Adonis Coaching differs from Adonis Immersion.


Meet your AGR Coaching Staff!

Meet your AGR Coaching Staff!



Adonis Immersion is comparable to a “do it yourself” home project. You know it will take you a bit longer than a contractor but it will save money and you will learn the basics along the way.  The other benefit is that you have access to Adonis training programming much longer than a 12 week period along with access to all the uncensored podcasts.

Immersion is our flagship product for increasing your results.

Immersion is our flagship product for increasing your results.


Adonis coaching is comparable to hiring a contractor for your home project. You want an expert so it gets done right the first time or maybe you have a special case.  Other reasons may be that you have no background knowledge in fitness or your time is valuable so you want to cut to the chase. A coach will get your background and prescribe a nutrition and training regimen based on your needs.


How Do You Cross A Minefield? Walk Carefully Behind Your Coach!

How Do You Cross A Minefield? Walk Carefully Behind Your Coach!

All the coaches do things a little differently based on their personalities. You can request any one of the coaches and if we have space we will accommodate your request.   We all touch base with clients weekly and take client biweekly progress reports. Based on that, a coach will modify programming for the client.  Clients can email their coach at any time with questions or concerns.

You do not have to have a coach to enter our transformation contest.  Nor do you have the obligation to enter a transformation contest when working with a coach.  That is completely up to your discretion as our coaches are available year-round.

However, most clients have had the greatest success when entering a contest period as it led to increased motivation and extended accountability.


Final Thoughts

If you think Immersion might be right for you, there is more information here – Immersion

If you think coaching might be for you, there is more info here – AGR Coaching

Either way you go, you are investing in your health and priorities which is a win.

Stay tuned for the official announcement of AT-19 to begin next monday.

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