Unstoppable Confidence & The New “Me”: Interview w/ AT-14 Winner Adam G. [driftbouncer]

Here’s your latest essay interview with 3rd place winner  Adam G. from the 14th Adonis Golden Ratio Transformation Contest.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Front Before/After Photos

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Front Before/After Photos


Adam’s Transformation Interview:

1- What workout or nutrition routine did you do before Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) System? What kind of results did you get?

Before finding the AGR system I really didn’t follow any nutrition plan. I simply tried to eat foods that were healthy and limit those that were not. Over time this strategy did not work as I continued to slowly put on fat. As far as workout routines are concerned I followed many different ones over the years with minimal results. The real problem was not necessarily the routines themselves rather it was the fact that I never gave any one routine 100% dedication. I either did not follow the routine long enough or tried combining several routines into one.


Side BnA

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Side Before/After Photos

 2- How did you find out about AGR?

I found out about AGR from a fellow named Kyle Leon. I had been following his work out and nutrition routine ( very loosely might I add) and it was a good routine just not for me. Kyle sent an email out with a link to AGR and the rest is history.

3- What was most appealing to you about AGR?

The most appealing thing to me about AGR was it’s simplicity. Food wise you could eat most things you want within reason as long as I stayed withing my weekly caloric needs. As well all the workouts are laid out for you focusing on the areas that really mattered to me to get the body I desire.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Back Before/After Photos

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Back Before/After Photos

4- Were there any concepts or approaches you were skeptical about?

I think in the beginning I was a little skeptical about the idea of not bulking up first in order to put on muscle. I was of the mindset that what I weighed was really important and had some reservations about losing a lot of weight fearing I would lose muscle as well. In the end this was not the case and I have learned weight is only a number, what I look like is really what matters.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

5- When did you decide to jump on board full fledge with AGR?

When I discovered AGR I spent a lot of time reading everything I could about the system and the people behind it. The more I read the more interested I got. The philosophy behind the nutrition and workout plans just really appealed to me. The AGR system just made sense. It focuses on the body parts that matter in order to achieve the body I desire and the nutrition plan allowed me not you give up the foods I love. For me it felt like a recipe for success.

6- When did you first decide to enter an Adonis Transformation (AT) contest?

This was not the first time I entered an AGR contest, I believe this was my fourth try. But this is the first time I actually submitted my after photos. All the other times I pretty much talked myself out of submitting the photos. I told myself that I was not good enough and it was not worth sending in the after pictures. Those other times I looked much the same as in these after photos the only difference this time was was my mental approach to the situation. Even though I am still not happy with my after photos (I am truly my biggest critic) I said what the hell, what do I really have to lose? Now after the fact I am so happy I followed through and sent in the photos.


Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

7- What was your experience going through the AT contest? Challenges that came up? Things you didn’t expect?

My experience going through the AGR contest was generally a good one. The hardest part for me by far was how light I was getting. Even though I was looking better and better in the mirror I felt like I was pushing to hard and could be losing muscle mass. In the end I realized  I was still as strong as ever (perhaps a little stronger) and that weight is just a number. I have never felt better.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

8- How did people react to your transformation? Positives and negatives (if any).

Family and friends by far are the harshest critics. Many family members have told me that I look sick and need to put weight back on. Even my wife thinks I am to thin and would like me to put more weight on. Let me tell you, when the people closest to you are all telling you over and over how bad you look it was tough at times not to give in and just quit what I was doing. But I was not about to give up and used the negative comments as fuel to keep going because as far as I was concerned I looked and felt great. I also realized these comments were not meant to be hurtful my family and friends were just not used to the new me. As soon as I looked different than people around me were used to they thought I did not look right. On the other hand anyone who does not know me would not think I look sick at all. I know it will take time for those around me to adjust but I can assure them that I am healthy and feel great.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image

9- How do you react to the “Brand New” you? Have you noticed changes in your outlook and attitude in general.

I like the new “me” very much. I still have a little fat to lose and some muscle to gain before my physique is golden but I know I will get there. Over all I feel great and my confidence is higher than ever. I may not be the biggest guy around but when the shirt comes off I think I look pretty good. Also completing the competition and placing third is a huge boost to my confidence and helps justify to myself all the hard work I have put in and that there are others out there that think I look good too.

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 - Transformation Image

Adam G. 3rd Place AT14 – Transformation Image


Editor’s Note:

Hey Adam,

Congratulations on your transformation to a brand new “you”!  It was refreshing to hear how your mindset changed for this particular contest and you decided to submit your “after” photos.  A decision well made, earning yourself a “Top 3” finish in contest AT-14.  Also big kudos to you on hitting some of the bodybuilding “mandatory” poses.

I can tell you’ve been practicing them. Because of this, we look forward to featuring you on some of our upcoming AGR covers.  Keep pushing on towards your quest to “Golden” and I’m sure your unstoppable confidence will guide the way!

your brother in Iron,