Contest Prep Blueprint: Putting it together with Vince Delmonte (part 1 of 3)

When he first picked up a weight at age 22 Vince Delmonte likely didn’t know it would take over 9 years to transform and evolve his physique to the shape he has today.

Most new comers have the false idea that all it takes is a summer of hard training to get the body that they’ve been imagining from scanning covers of fitness magazines. Little do they know those athletes and models have spent years training and dieting, making mistakes, learning from those mistakes and refining the process. And that’s precisely what it is…a process.

Vince in 2005. Pretty good condition for his first show.

This is exactly what Vince has done to transform his body over time. In this special 3 part interview series Vince will walk us through the evolution of his physique starting with the first bodybuilding show he did in 2005 up to his latest show where he won his pro card in April 2011.

In this first interview Vince describes how he approached his first show with a lot of heart and determination but without much of  a plan. He definitely got into a shape that most people would be perfectly happy with, but this wasn’t the shape he was hoping for. He knew there was definitely room for improvement.

He shares his insights on what it was like to compete for the first time, the mistakes he made and the lessons he has learned and took with him for his next competition.