42 Years old and RIPPED: An Interview with Mark Levy

During this past transformation contest we had some entries that blew us away and Mark Levy was at the head of that list. Just to be clear, Mark was in pretty good shape to start the contest but his final condition was just SICK!

Mark is the definition of the word RIPPED…but don’t take my word for it…have a look for yourself:


Mark Levy Adonis Index Workout Transformation

Great Back!

Mark Levy Adonis Index

Great Abs

Adonis Index Transformation

Simply Awesome

Adonis Index Mark Levy

Some Obliques!


Adonis Index Interview Mark Levy

In today’s interview we talk to Mark about how he got into this condition and some of the major changes he made in the way he manages his diet and how this transformation has crossed over into other area’s of his life.

The best part…Mark ate ice cream and cake every week during his cut down! SIGN ME UP!

If you want to read the transcript of the interview you can download it here:

42 Years old and RIPPED: An interview with Mark Levy


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