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In order from most to least recent:

Can Glycogen Loading and Eccentric-Reps-Replace-Steroids?

Contest Winner Jason Haynes Interview – Part 2

Contest Winner Jason Haynes Interview – Part One

Ketogenic Diets For Fat Loss

Build Category Winner Deiderik Masure Interview

Overtraining Myths – Are You Overtraining?

What is Muscle Growth?

What If Versus What IS

Taking Action is Key

Muscle Building Truths – How To Build Muscle

Nutritional Research – Problems Measuring Calories

How Do You Measure Muscle Mass

Steroids The True Stars of Bodybuilding and Fitness

Ideal Proportions Are The Goal

What Causes Muscle Growth

Health, Fitness, BMI, and AI…Are They Connected?

Weight Loss Research Explained

Body Fat Regulation, Can We Change it?

What Makes a Good Coach

Attention – Your Most Valuable Asset

The Experiment of YOU

How to Gain 8 Pounds in One Workout

Change Your Body and Change Your Life

You’ve Got To Have A Goal

Implied Goals vs Your Goals

Your Body is Linked to Your Identity Whether You Like it or Not

Changing Your Look Changes Your Game

Can You Eat Your Way To Bigger Muscles?

Diet, Workout, Health? What Defines You?

Gaining Weight vs Gaining Muscle

How an Adonis Index Workout is Designed

Water Weight, Fat, Muscle, What is Signal vs Noise?

Interval Training vs Steady State Cardio For Fat Loss – On Trial

Nutrition Guidelines and Marketing – Who Can You Trust?

Fitness Marketing, Drugs & Taking Responsibility for Your Body

Are you “Training” or Just “Working Out”?

How Many Calories Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Fat Burning Supplements – Do They “Work”?

Muscle Building Supplements – Creatine is King

Muscle Building & Fat Loss – How To Gain and Lose

Strength Gaining Podcast – It’s All Relative, But Not Really!

The Adonis 10 Week Transformation KICKOFF

Food To Build Muscle? Food For Thought

Coaching Athletes Is Easy, Squats And Deadlifts Are Hard